Chinese Medicine used for Hypertension


Chief Complaint: Abdominal problems and hypertension for about 3 years, due to stress.

Medical History: The patient claims that she has been under a tremendous amount of stress in the past three years, which have lead to her development of hypertension and dysrhythmias. She has been on anti-hypertensive medications, but these tend to make her feel tired and weak. She states that her stress level is high which prevents her from having a good night sleep.

She complains that she has gained weight, her facial muscle tone has decreased and has generally not felt “like herself” in almost a year now. She asserts that her appetite has increased, she is always cold and her energy level is vastly decreased. She has never sought the attention of an acupuncturist, and is open to new ideas and treatments at this point.

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Acupuncture for Huntington’s Disease


Chief Complaint: Muscle Tetany

Western Diagnosis: Huntington’s Disease

Medical History: A 50 year old male collage professor. Two years ago began noticing he had difficulty thinking clearly. Soon after, his hands began to become shaky and he gradually degenerated more and more. Finally, he was unable to walk on his own or change his own clothes. He could not read anymore and suffered some dementia. He also had difficulty eating.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Chronic headaches

Western Diagnosis: Migraine headaches

Medical History:

Sylvia, a thirty five year old woman from St. Petersburg, suffered from severe migraine headaches for four years following the birth of her third child. A very hard-working college student and single mother with a full-time job, she felt over-stressed during waking hours and hardly had time for sleep.

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Oriental Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Chief Complaint: Pain in the Joints.
Western Diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis
History: The patient complained of small joints starting in the winter from a long time. Gradually, it spread to larger joints mainly in the knee.
Symptoms: Joint Pain, Muscle pain, Body Ache, Tiredness, Stiffness, Swelling in the legs, too much weakness while doing even small work she was feeling weak.
Palpation: Pulse is thin and wiry.

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Acupuncture and Herb for Hip and Knee Pain


Chief Complaint: Left Hip and Knee pain

Medical History: Pain started after having gallbladder and right Kidney removed. After right kidney was removed patient had an infected scar and was put on anti-inflammatory drugs for some time, during which there was no pain. Once off drugs pain returned. Patient (F 59) was checked for rheumatoid arthritis and negative, arthritis was also ruled out, and was recommended to visit an acupuncturist. No prior pain to operations. On hypertension drugs also, blood pressure is under control.

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Chinese Medicine for Male Infertility


Chief Complaint: male infertility

Western Diagnosis: low sperm count, low testosterone, hi LH & FSH

History: lost several hundred pounds a few years ago. currently on raw food diet. leads mentally healthy lifestyle.

Symptoms: frequent urination (but drinks ~2 gallons of water a day); high energy; good attitude; low back pain; loose stool; diagnosed w/gall stones; craves salt; foot fungus; occasional headaches; on and off exhausted, but only sleeps 6 hours/night due to schedule.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Anxiety and Depression


Chief Complaint: Anxiety and depression

History: History of Anxiety and depression. She is going through a divorce at the moment. And had a constant headache for two weeks.

Symptoms: Dull pain throbbing. Like a band across the head. Insomnia and some dizziness.

Palpation: Pulse–thin and weak
Abdomen-Some tenderness and pulsation at the cv 12 area.

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The Treatment of Chest Pain with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: Chest Bi (pain) Syndrome

by Wei Liu, TCMD, MPH, Lic. Acupuncturist, Dip. Herbologist, Lic. Nutritionist

John was a 49 years old patient having been ill with hypertension and coronary heart disease for 5 years. He paid his first visit to our clinic on Oct. 26. His blood pressure is usually around 140/90mmhg and could be well controlled by medications. But he often experienced frequent palpitation, insomnia, anxiety and depression. The palpitation usually happens in the morning and he had a lot of dreams in his sleeping. Also he had a burning sensation in the stomach with acid reflux. Sweating, chest oppression, flush and dizziness were absent. Defecation was regular, and the appetite was okay.

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