Al Loren Stone passed away around 7 years ago. Before he left us (went ahead of us?) he gave me his digital legacy of which he was rightfully proud. This included that sells herbs to consumers. But also he had previously made this, the more informational

Al was the originator of Acupuncture dot com- one of the first and highly regarded web sites dealing with alternative medicine.В  He was a very electronic and communication oriented guy. Not by accident, he spent many years as a radio host and announcer. Unfortunately, in a fit of bad judgement (in his words), he sold acupuncture dot com in order to finance studies in China for a few months. Much of is the spirit ofВ  acupuncture dot com before he sold the name.

I have left this site as an archive of his writings and interests from that time. Tongues and Pulses and basic theory haven’t changed that much over 2000 years but a lot of the other information such as the practitioner lists have. Also he was beginning to sell a few herbs here but please, please don’t order on this web site. Find the same formula and order on Its just a big mess if you do order from

So please, poke around – the tongue diagnosis is still popular – and let me know if we are selling any formulas on this site.

Thanks, Douglas Eisenstark L.Ac. 2019

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Al Loren Stone

Some of the highlights of this site for me are the DSHEA guidelines and the student resources.Also rather touching is the special relationship he had with the acupuncture society of Pakistan to which he had a very proud and affectionate relationship. Every year at their meetings they would put up a picture of Al as sort of Saint.


Laser acupuncture research and protocols for practitioners.


Student resources for insight into this all-important medical discipline.


Articles for consumers, students, and practitioners. All herbs, all the time.


Theoretical stuff like comparing Eastern and Western medicine.


A tutorial for selling herbs to the masses. (Doesn’t apply to 1-to-1 prescriptions.)