The Treatment of Chest Pain with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: Chest Bi (pain) Syndrome

by Wei Liu, TCMD, MPH, Lic. Acupuncturist, Dip. Herbologist, Lic. Nutritionist

John was a 49 years old patient having been ill with hypertension and coronary heart disease for 5 years. He paid his first visit to our clinic on Oct. 26. His blood pressure is usually around 140/90mmhg and could be well controlled by medications. But he often experienced frequent palpitation, insomnia, anxiety and depression. The palpitation usually happens in the morning and he had a lot of dreams in his sleeping. Also he had a burning sensation in the stomach with acid reflux. Sweating, chest oppression, flush and dizziness were absent. Defecation was regular, and the appetite was okay.

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