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Catgut Embedding Therapy for Asthma


Total approx. 7900 patients of Asthma were treated in my 20 yrs. practice of Acupuncture; it was noted that the results varied by location.

  • In Mumbai, migrants experienced less beneficial than the locals. Recurrence of the asthma attack was mostly between 1-2 years. This may be due to the humid climate in Mumbai.
  • In Delhi and Punjab patients also responded well, but still saw asthmatic recurrences after 1-2 years, likely due to their heavy and unplanned diet.
  • In Rajasthan people were more beneficial due to their planned and light diet.
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    The Treatment of Insomnia with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


    Chief-complaint: Insomnia with early waking for one year. Western-diagnosis: Insomnia Medical-history: A 32 year old female has insomnia for one year with insidious onset. Consulted with western doctor and took Melatonin supplement for 10 months, but she still had insomnia if she didn’t take the pills. Symptoms: The above client can fall to sleep easily […]

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    Phlegm type insomnia treated with acupuncture and herbs


    Chief-complaint: Insomnia

    Western-diagnosis: Insomnia

    Medical-history: Patient, 35, female reports trouble falling asleep for 3 years. Often lays in bed and takes 2-3 hours to fall asleep.

    Pulse: Pulse excess and large.

    Tongue: Thick, white sticky coating

    CM-diagnosis: Phlegm

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    Left Knee Pain Treated with Acupuncture


    Chief-complaint: Left Knee Pain for 2 weeks

    Western-diagnosis: Left Knee fat pad irritation

    Medical-history: 2 weeks ago gradually onset with progressive physical training. Resting, Ice, compression management received but no progression gained. Patient further seek bone-setter treatment but the situation got worse.

    Symptoms: Left Knee inferior portion showed significant swelling, with local inflammatory signs significant. Patients walk with pain, and the discomfort increased with going up and down stair.

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    Acupuncture Used for Arm Pain


    Chief-complaint: Pain in both arms

    Medical-history: 86 yr old woman with high blood pressure, has had thyroid surgery, and receives cortisone shots for low back pain.

    Symptoms: Patient has been having severe pain radiating down her arms so much so that she takes Ibuprofen every four hours and has been doing so for 6 months. The pain keeps her up at night and limits her ability to perform regular tasks.

    Pulse: Pulse was thready and rapid with Lung and Kidney weak.
    Her trapezius muscle was especially tight, points UB10 and GB21 were painful, UB43 tight as well as UB11,12, and 13. Many Ashi points.

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    Acupuncture Treatment of Insomnia


    Chief-complaint: Insomnia

    Western-diagnosis: Insomnia


    Symptoms: Insomnia with racing thoughts, worry, tossing & turning during her few hours sleep, fatigue, poor memory, & anxiety.

    Pulse: Thready, slightly rapid

    Tongue: Pale slightly Thin, w/slight white coating in middle jiao.

    CM-diagnosis: Bu Mei: Heart & Spleen Deficiency

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    Acupuncture Treatment of Infertility


    Chief-complaint: Infertility

    Western-diagnosis: Unexplained Fertility

    Medical-history: 27 year old female, unexplained infertility. Had been trying for four years to become pregnant. Active and fit.

    Symptoms: Mild to moderate stress, depression and anxiety related to work and not getting pregnant.
    No complaints of pain
    No other remarkable symptoms.

    Pulse & Palpation: Pulse wiry. Tender to palpation low back and SI joint. Very tight abdominal muscles from exercise routine.

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    Epidemic Cholera treated with Acumoxa Therapy in Pakistan


    Chief-complaint: Diarrhea

    Western-diagnosis: Cholera

    Medical-history: In flood affected areas in Pakistan, gastrointestinal Disorders are very common. Diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting, and colic to mention just a few.

    Symptoms: Watery diarrhea, feelings of fullness, cramping pains.

    CM-diagnosis: Excess type diarrhea

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    Acupuncture Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


    Chief-complaint: tremor

    Western-diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease

    Medical-history: 75 year old male has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 8 years ago.

    Symptoms: This patient is a 75 year old male with tremors in both hands and generalized weakness and fatigue throughout his whole body. This started 8 years ago, with severe and sudden weakness in muscles so that he was unable to walk. Hand tremor started 5 years ago. Patient is unable to walk further than five minutes without feeling weak and short of breath. Hands tremor constantly and he is unable to write.

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    The TCM Treatment of Lyme Disease


    Chief-complaint: Recurring fatigue and joint pain for eight years

    Western-diagnosis: Lyme disease

    Medical-history: A 46 year old Caucasian male with a history of recurring fatigue and joint pain that would leave him bedridden. He received steroids for the initial bouts which relieved his symptoms temporarily. Many years later, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and given approximately 8 weeks of antibiotic treatment. Patient reported little improvement with the antibiotic therapy.

    He came into my office after being unable to work for several months. He reported extreme fatigue, brain fog, and severe pain in his right ankle.

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