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Catgut Embedding Therapy for Asthma


Total approx. 7900 patients of Asthma were treated in my 20 yrs. practice of Acupuncture; it was noted that the results varied by location.

  • In Mumbai, migrants experienced less beneficial than the locals. Recurrence of the asthma attack was mostly between 1-2 years. This may be due to the humid climate in Mumbai.
  • In Delhi and Punjab patients also responded well, but still saw asthmatic recurrences after 1-2 years, likely due to their heavy and unplanned diet.
  • In Rajasthan people were more beneficial due to their planned and light diet.
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    Herbs and Acupuncture used for Cough with Fever


    Chief Complaint: severe cough with high fever

    Medical History: He does not have any immunizations at 30 months. Chronic chest infections, and sinus infections. Diet is rather good, no dairy products. He drinks soy milk and eats organic foods only. He does consume a quite a bit of high sugar fruit juice. For a 2 1/2 year old child, he gets plenty of exercise daily. Generally has a good appetite, no apparent allergies, has a strong thirst, mucus and cough occasionally, generally has loose stools. He also has a full body rash which is red patches for 2 days.

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    Acupuncture and Herbs for Chronic Bronchitis


    Chief Complaint: Chest congestion with cough that started in the fall 3 years ago

    Western Diagnosis: chronic bronchitis

    Medical History: Medical History:

    a. History of Present Illness: The patient has been suffering from chest congestion with cough for over three years. The condition usually worsens in the months of October and November. It becomes aggravated with heat. 14 days ago it worsened and became a cold. The days before she got the cold, she went and took saunas and steam baths regularly for therapeutic reasons. She was hoping it would help her chest congestion. Two weekends ago it manifested as a cold. She has a dry, hacking cough. The cough contains phlegm which is difficult to expectorate and the color of it is yellow. In addition she has yellow sticky nasal discharge. She feels depressed that she is not feeling well.

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    Acupuncture for Sinusitis


    Chief Complaint: Sinus problems

    Medical History: Onset 5 years ago. Drinks 2 cups coffee daily.

    Questioning exam: Sinus congestion and headaches worse with dairy and wheat. However no symptoms are used to make a Five Element Diagnosis.

    Pulse exam: Pulses indicated exit-entry blocks between LV and Lu and LI and St.

    Tongue exam: n/a

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    Acupuncture Treatment of Chest Tightness and Palpitations


    Chief Complaint: Chest tightness and palpitations chronic for eight years with an acute presentation for 2 weeks.

    Medical History: The patient has been tested by a medical doctor for heart problems. The tests including an EKG, Stress Test, and blood values of cardiac enzymes show that the patient is within normal range. Her symptoms generally include tightness in the chest that is always present and palpitations while resting that can last as long as 20 minutes. On several occasions she experienced pain radiating down her left arm. The problem began 8 years ago after her fiance died. Prior to this incident she did not experience any of the signs and symptoms described above.

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    Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment of Allergies


    Chief Complaint: Allergies

    Western Diagnosis: Rhinitis, Allergies

    Medical History: 10 years history of runny nose, Sneezing, itchy eyes, watery eyes, tiredness.

    Questioning exam: Lung Qi deficiency and excess dampness on sinus area

    Pulse exam: Wiry and slippery pulse.

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    Acupuncture Treatment of Eczema and Lung Pain


    Chief Complaint: Lung pain,eczema on lips and hands

    Western Diagnosis: Pleurisy, chest x-ray shows lungs are clear.

    Medical History: Patient has a history of bronchitis, 2 incidents of pneumonia in the past 5 years. 5years ago mothers passed away,uncle last year, 18yr old nephew this past week. Patient has a busy life style, mother of one teen daughter, she travels once a month for her MBA to another state as well as works full time.

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    The Traditional Asian Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis


    Chief Complaint: Chronic non-productive cough for 40 years

    Western Diagnosis: chronic bronchitis

    Medical History: 48 years old white female visits the office and complains that she has had constant dry cough for 40 years. The cough is more severe at night and early morning. In addition of cough, she has low back pain, frequent urination, dry mouth, cold hand and feet, especially in the winter. She is also easyly to catch cold. No accident can be recalled. During the past 40 years, she took varieties of antibiotics, steroids and many over-the-counter medications. But nothing worked for her. As a try, she turns to acupuncture for help.

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    The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Childhood Asthma, Wheezing with Phlegm


    Chief Complaint: wheezing, phlegm

    Western Diagnosis: childhood asthma

    Medical History: Child is 7 yr. old boy who has had this problem since diagnosis at 6 mos. old. Allergies to nuts, cats, feathers, and is sensitive to diary (uses soy/rice milk, but will eat cheese and eggs). He is an active child, enjoys socializing with his friends, and is very much a “boy”. He won’t come “out of the rain” unless he is told to, even though he knows the consequences will be sickness. When he gets sick, he’s down and needs to have extra medicines, such as, Pediapred. Mother uses a combination of natural and prescribed medications; the homeopathics for strengthening and for minor symptoms, the western for keeping him out of the hospital and because the schools and daycares will not administer herbs. When severe, has chest tightness.

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    Headache, nose clear discharge, low fever, severe chill, influenza treated with Asian medicine


    Chief Complaint: Headache, nose clear discharge, low fever, severe chill

    Western Diagnosis: influenza

    Medical History: The patient had these symptoms suddenly after exposure to cold and wind.
    This man has appropriate diet, but does not do any exercise. He does not smoke, no alcohol.

    Pulse exam: Pulse was superficial and slow

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