Headache, nose clear discharge, low fever, severe chill, influenza treated with Asian medicine


Chief Complaint: Headache, nose clear discharge, low fever, severe chill

Western Diagnosis: influenza

Medical History: The patient had these symptoms suddenly after exposure to cold and wind.
This man has appropriate diet, but does not do any exercise. He does not smoke, no alcohol.

Pulse exam: Pulse was superficial and slow

Tongue exam: Pale proper tongue with white and thin coating

OM Diagnosis: Common cold, wind-cold type.

Treatment Principle: Clear cold and wind, Tonify lung Qi

Point Prescription: Lung 7- clear cold from Lung:needle and moxa
LI 4- very effective point for nose discharge, clear Large Intestine: needle.
ST 36 – to fortify Qi- needle
LI 20- local point for nose discharge:needle.
BL 23 and Ren 4-tonify Yang to disperse cold: needle and moxa.
GB 20 and Du 20 for headache: needle.

Herbal Formula: none

Lifestyle Prescription: Drinking hot tea and eating hot and warm food.

Results: The patient became well in 3 days.

Synopsis: none

Courtesy of:
Valerii Chzhan, VC
Sarmiento 4547 4 ”25”
Buenos-Aires 1197

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