Catgut Embedding Therapy for Asthma


Chief-complaint: Breathing Difficulty

Western-diagnosis: Bronchial Asthma

Treatment-principle: Catgut Embedding Therapy at Influential point

Point-prescription: REN 17

Lifestyle-prescription: Avoid milk products, cold drinks, Gauva, Banana, Raw Sugar (Jggery)

Results: Total approx. 7900 patients of Asthma were treated in my 20 yrs. practice of Acupuncture; it was noted that the results varied by location.

  • In Mumbai, migrants experienced less beneficial than the locals. Recurrence of the asthma attack was mostly between 1-2 years. This may be due to the humid climate in Mumbai.
  • In Delhi and Punjab patients also responded well, but still saw asthmatic recurrences after 1-2 years, likely due to their heavy and unhealthy diet.
  • In Rajasthan people were more beneficial due to their healthy and light diet.
  • One clear outcome of these patient interactions was that that diet plays a major role in controlling Asthma both before and after treatment. Mainly milk products and cold drinks aggravate Asthma. So before starting Asthma treatment dietary precautions should be considered first.

    Overall beneficial result with catgut embedding therapy was 80%, which is very encouraging espeically because these were single treatments, not multiple.

    Out of 80% patients, only 10% had one other attack inside of one year, 25% in second year and 15% in the third year. The rest of them saw long-term effects with no recurrence of their asthma.

    The main benefit of this treatment is that the patient leads a normal life without medicine during this period of therapeutic effect.

    Synopsis: Catgut embedding therapy can improve clinical symptoms and pulmonary function and can stop or reduce the dose of anti-asthma agents and has a certain long-term therapeutic effect.

    There is enough evidence to make recommendations about the value of acupuncture and catgut embedding therapy in the treatment of asthma. A lot of awareness is needed to implement this therapy.

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