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The Treatment of Fatigue with Acupuncture and Herbs


Chief Complaint: Extreme fatigue and pain in joints

Western Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma of the Stomach

Medical History: Patient is a 67 year old male that outside of the diagnosis appears to be in good health. Blood panels are unremarkable. MRI reveals tumor of approximately 18 inches in diameter. Tumor is causing local as well as referred pain into the inguinal region.

Questioning exam: Most questions and answers were based upon the MRI findings. Surprisingly, his pain is not that severe. Has indigestion and diarrhea frequently, but better with medication (prilosec).

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Intraepidermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: “Severe dysplasia of vulva and rectum”. Secondary complaint of “recurring shingles due to weak immune system”.

Western Diagnosis: Bowen’s Disease. AKA- Intraepidermal Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Medical History: This woman, age 42, works as a Hollywood talent agent, where intense stress is a minimum daily requirement. Her dysplasia issue began or was diagnosed 18 years prior to this treatment (10/9/01). She had received seven surgeries and/or laser treatment to excise the malignancy sites over that time. Her first malignancy operation was in 1984 with the other surgeries occurring periodically to 1999. As a young woman she had a history of menstrual problems, including “bursting” cysts and tumors (fibroid ?), had one ovary removed at age 19 and eventually a total hysterectomy in July of ’99. She was taking Nexium to treat her job related ulcers. She had daily “migraine” headaches and was taking Imitrex. She had an overactive bladder and had a prescription for Detrol to treat that problem.

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Oriental Medicine for Prostatic Carcinoma


Chief Complaint: Pain in spine, knees, and legs from metastatic disease

Western Diagnosis: Prostatic Carcinoma

Medical History: Until onset of the pain six months before first acupuncture treatment, patient reports leading a healthy, active, and pain free life.

Questioning exam: Patient reported night sweats, some hearing loss in both ears, high blood pressure, urinary frequency with light flow, and pain in knee, back, and hip.

Pulse exam: Floating in upper and middle jiao, weak in lower jiao. Palpation revealed depressed and inactive area around Ren 3 through Ren 6; congestion at Ren 17; depressed and inactive at Ren 14

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Acupuncture Treatment for Fatty Tumors


Chief Complaint: Fatty tumors and dry, corrugated fingernails, occasional leg pain

Medical History: Elderly woman about 70 years old. In generally good health except for her main complaints.

Questioning exam: Visible fatty tumours on upper arms about one to two centimeters in diameter, deformed fingernails, occasional leg pain.

Pulse exam: Generally slippery, especially at the lung and spleen positions. Otherwise thin although not overly weak.

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Chinese Medicine for Colorectal Cancer


Chief Complaint: colorectal cancer

Western Diagnosis: colorectal cancer stage IV

Medical History: age – 55. female. was a smoker and alcohol abuser but quit both 15 years ago, diet includes little vegetable or fruit, high animal fats, high in refined foods, lots sweets, caffeine in form of coffee and also pop, little exercise.

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The Treatment of Fibrocystic Breasts with Chinese Herbs


Chief Complaint: fibrocystic breasts

Western Diagnosis: fibrocystic breast disease

Medical History: T., 47 year old female, came to me complaining of fibrocystic breasts. Gyn exam revealed lumpy breast tissue, with scattered fluid-filled cysts in the upper quadrants. There was no pain associated with the condition. Menstrual history is uneventful; general good health. She began menstruating at 11 years of age, had two pregnancies, one live birth, and one abortion. Her gynecologist suggested mammography, but T. wanted to try Chinese medicine first. T. exercises regularly, using weights, flexibility training, aerobics, and Qi gong. She also meditates daily, eats a wide variety of foods, and regularly takes vitamin supplements; she detoxes three times per year.

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