The Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment of Finger Pain and Swelling


Chief Complaint: Pain & Swelling in Fingers

Medical History: Patient is a 31 year-old female. She has been a hairdresser for 12 years and uses her hands extensively in her work. She wakes up each morning with bilateral pain, stiffness and swelling in her metacarpophalangeal joints, especially 3rd & 5th fingers. This has occurred for the last 4 years and gets worse with cold weather. Patient is concerned because the pain is affecting her work performance and potential livelihood.

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The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Low Back Pain


Chief Complaint: Low Back Pain

Western Diagnosis: Lumbago

Medical History: Low back pain for nine years because of car accident. No smoking and alcohol.

Questioning exam: Low back pain and weakness for nine years

Pulse exam: wire pulse. Press pain alone the spine at L-4 to s1.

Tongue exam: red and dry tongue.Limited movement at low back.

OM Diagnosis: kidney yin deficiency. Chronic Low Back Pain.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Stiff, Sore Neck, Whiplash


Chief Complaint: stiff, sore neck

Western Diagnosis: whiplash injury

Medical History: health, exercise, diet excellent

Questioning exam: pain front and back of neck, some aching down into shoulders,

Pulse exam: pulse wiry, shoulders and neck muscles in spasm

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The Treatment of Bi Syndrome “Knee Arthritis” with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: Bi Syndrome “Knee Arthritis”

A female patient age 60 yr old with chief complaint of right knee pain deteriorating over a period of 2 years ,the pain is localized in the right knee accompanied by heaviness sensation, worse with cold and partially alleviated by warm compresses.

Over the period of two years and after seeking medical advice the patient had several modalities of treatment none of them could stop the progress of the pain. The x-ray film revealed osteo arthritic changes of the knee joint together with marked osteoporosis,so the treatment was composed of different forms of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs “NSAID” together with Vit B 12 injection ,calcium supplement tablets and local anti inflammatory creams, gels, with nutritional advice because of her overweight.

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Treatment of facial hemiparalysis, Bell’s Palsy with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: facial hemiparalysis for over 13 years.

Western Diagnosis: Bell’s palsy.

Medical History: He found he had a bad facial hemiparalysis one day morning thirteen years ago when he got up. His physician’s diagnosis was Bell’s palsy and told him that the problem will be cured in about three months by itself without any help. He waited about four months but the problem was still there and same as before. Then his physician told him that he is a special case, nobody could help. So he went to several other physicians and the answers were the same. His situation remains ever since. There is nothing special about his habits, diet, family history except he exercises a lot for the last 12 years.

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The Treatment of Fibrocystic Breasts with Chinese Herbs


Chief Complaint: fibrocystic breasts

Western Diagnosis: fibrocystic breast disease

Medical History: T., 47 year old female, came to me complaining of fibrocystic breasts. Gyn exam revealed lumpy breast tissue, with scattered fluid-filled cysts in the upper quadrants. There was no pain associated with the condition. Menstrual history is uneventful; general good health. She began menstruating at 11 years of age, had two pregnancies, one live birth, and one abortion. Her gynecologist suggested mammography, but T. wanted to try Chinese medicine first. T. exercises regularly, using weights, flexibility training, aerobics, and Qi gong. She also meditates daily, eats a wide variety of foods, and regularly takes vitamin supplements; she detoxes three times per year.

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Symptomatic Diagnosis: Limbs & Extremities

Symptomatic Diagnosis

The channels that pass through the extremities can be functionally regulated via the internal organs. This article describes the differentiation, treatment principles, and formulas of common health concerns associated with the limbs and extremities.

Edema of the extremities
Stiffness of the extremities
Flaccid paralysis of extremities “wei syndrome”
Varicose veins of the lower extremities
Feet pain

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The Qualities of Qi in Meridian diagnosis

Chinese and traditional East Asian medicine can use tactile sensations to obtain at diagnostic information. This page describes the sensations of qi.

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