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The TCM Treatment of Lyme Disease


Chief-complaint: Recurring fatigue and joint pain for eight years

Western-diagnosis: Lyme disease

Medical-history: A 46 year old Caucasian male with a history of recurring fatigue and joint pain that would leave him bedridden. He received steroids for the initial bouts which relieved his symptoms temporarily. Many years later, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease and given approximately 8 weeks of antibiotic treatment. Patient reported little improvement with the antibiotic therapy.

He came into my office after being unable to work for several months. He reported extreme fatigue, brain fog, and severe pain in his right ankle.

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Allergies Treated by Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: frequent sinus headaches, sinus drainage

Western Diagnosis: allergies

Medical History: Marked fatigue, bronchitis, sinus drainage. Her headache is behind the eyes. She also sometimes has one-sided headaches.Digestion-sometimes soft stool, occ hard, dry stool. Marked acid regurgitation, and some abdominal bloating. Patient is markedly overweight and admits that she likes sweets. Her periods are painful, with cramps. She occasionally has one-sided headaches; also has significant neck and shoulder pain. The patient takes Zyrtec and Flonase for her allergies. The Zyrtec makes her tired.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Allergies


Chief Complaint: allergies

Medical History: Patient is a 30 year old male, sedentary lifestyle,diet includes much dairy and spicy foods, no excessive smoking or drinking.

Questioning exam: Patient reported being under stress and feeling very congested with yellow phlegm, a lot of sneezing, itchy watery eyes, fatigue, and a sensation of heaviness in his head. Condition was worsened by the drafty environment he worked in.

Pulse exam: Pulse was slippery and somewhat weak

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Acupuncture Treatment of Allergenic Hives


Chief Complaint: Hives with itchiness

Western Diagnosis: Allergy

Medical History: 37 female, full-time mother of two children.
Developed the Hive condition all over the body in Oct 2004.

Approx 30 lbs overweight. Went to a dermatologist to check for allergies but found none. Indicated that she can only wear gold/silver jewelries. She likes to eat Cheese but does not drink Milk, nor smokes. Has a mild scoliosis. Taking over-the-counter allergy pills but needed to take more recently (every 12 hours or more). She feels stressed taking care of kids and not getting enough sleep. She also reported a nagging lower back ache.
She never had a acupuncture before.

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Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment of Allergies


Chief Complaint: Allergies

Western Diagnosis: Rhinitis, Allergies

Medical History: 10 years history of runny nose, Sneezing, itchy eyes, watery eyes, tiredness.

Questioning exam: Lung Qi deficiency and excess dampness on sinus area

Pulse exam: Wiry and slippery pulse.

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Oriental Medicine for Hives and GERD


Chief Complaint: Rashes, heart burn and sudden onset fatigue

Western Diagnosis: Hives and Acid reflex associated with stress

Medical History: Patient is a 40 year old female, who generally is in good health. She has had hives since childhood, hives comes and goes. Anti-histamine medication or prednisone did not help in the past. She used to take patent herbs for a few days, the rashes would be gone for a couple of months. Wherever she did not get enough sleep or stressed out, the rashes showed up again. Also each time she got pregnant, she tends to get hives. She never had heart burn before, but sometimes has bloating and indigestion when she eats greasy food .

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The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Childhood Asthma, Wheezing with Phlegm


Chief Complaint: wheezing, phlegm

Western Diagnosis: childhood asthma

Medical History: Child is 7 yr. old boy who has had this problem since diagnosis at 6 mos. old. Allergies to nuts, cats, feathers, and is sensitive to diary (uses soy/rice milk, but will eat cheese and eggs). He is an active child, enjoys socializing with his friends, and is very much a “boy”. He won’t come “out of the rain” unless he is told to, even though he knows the consequences will be sickness. When he gets sick, he’s down and needs to have extra medicines, such as, Pediapred. Mother uses a combination of natural and prescribed medications; the homeopathics for strengthening and for minor symptoms, the western for keeping him out of the hospital and because the schools and daycares will not administer herbs. When severe, has chest tightness.

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