Allergies Treated by Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: frequent sinus headaches, sinus drainage

Western Diagnosis: allergies

Medical History: Marked fatigue, bronchitis, sinus drainage. Her headache is behind the eyes. She also sometimes has one-sided headaches.Digestion-sometimes soft stool, occasional hard, dry stool. Marked acid regurgitation, and some abdominal bloating. Patient is markedly overweight and admits that she likes sweets. Her periods are painful, with cramps. She occasionally has one-sided headaches; also has significant neck and shoulder pain. The patient takes Zyrtec and Flonase for her allergies. The Zyrtec makes her tired.

Questioning exam: See above

Pulse exam: right-wiry, not slippery
left-slightly weaker, but wiry
Palpation, according to Kiiko Matsumuto’s new book
+posterior to SJ 16 (immune point). Patient reports this area has hurt as long as she can remember.
+St 2(sinus reflex area)

Tongue exam: Reddish tongue, thin white watery coat

OM Diagnosis: 1) Spleen qi deficiency with damp
(soft stools, sugar cravings, weak and irritable without food, sinus headache manifesting with fuzzy-headedness, nose does not run a lot but stays congested, damp appearance)
Liver qi stagnation-wiry pulses, reddish tongue, small hard stools alternating with soft, some belching, painful periods
Underlying yin xu-some night sweats, reddish tongue

Treatment Principle: Tonify spleen, transform damp, soothe liver Qi

Point Prescription: + immune-LI 10, Kid 6, SJ 16 post.
+ sinus-St 43, supporting points GB 40/LI4
wiry pulse-Liver 3

Back tx: Sp 3.2, Sp 9 to tonify Sp and release buy zolpidem online pharmacy neck muscles and trapezius
BL 10 for sinuses, neck pain
needle at T3 bilateral (lung shu)
needle T8 right side (boggy-looking, Liver shu)
GV 14 for immune

Herbal Formula: Bi Ming Gan Wan as needed

Main formula: 1 week’s powdered herbs
9 grams/day Can use 3 grams TID or 4 gr AM, 5 grams PM

Dang Shen 5
Bai Zhu 5
Gan Cao 3
Fu Ling 3
Huang Qi 7
Fang Feng 5
Ban Xia 5
Chen Pi 5
Jing Jie 5
Shi Chang Pu 5
Bai Zhi 5
Xin Yin Hua 5

Lifestyle Prescription: Next treatment recommended that patient begin doing nasal washes. Also had her keep a brief food dairy to discuss foods that should be eliminated first, such as icecream.

Results: Good results. Patient came a total of 7 times, and felt her energy was much better, and her allergies alleviated. She was good about taking the herbs. Patient recently had an accident with whiplash and a change in the workplace, and said she would not make a regular appointment during this time, as she needed to adjust to the new commute.

Synopsis: Misc-her ankles were always swollen, and I gave her a water retention treatment once that seemed to have very good results: Sp 7/11 BL 63
right Kid 7 left Sp 3/SI 3 yu yao (hormone balancing)

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