Allergies Treated by Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: frequent sinus headaches, sinus drainage

Western Diagnosis: allergies

Medical History: Marked fatigue, bronchitis, sinus drainage. Her headache is behind the eyes. She also sometimes has one-sided headaches.Digestion-sometimes soft stool, occ hard, dry stool. Marked acid regurgitation, and some abdominal bloating. Patient is markedly overweight and admits that she likes sweets. Her periods are painful, with cramps. She occasionally has one-sided headaches; also has significant neck and shoulder pain. The patient takes Zyrtec and Flonase for her allergies. The Zyrtec makes her tired.

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Acupuncture for Sinusitis


Chief Complaint: Sinus problems

Medical History: Onset 5 years ago. Drinks 2 cups coffee daily.

Questioning exam: Sinus congestion and headaches worse with dairy and wheat. However no symptoms are used to make a Five Element Diagnosis.

Pulse exam: Pulses indicated exit-entry blocks between LV and Lu and LI and St.

Tongue exam: n/a

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