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Left Knee Pain Treated with Acupuncture


Chief-complaint: Left Knee Pain for 2 weeks

Western-diagnosis: Left Knee fat pad irritation

Medical-history: 2 weeks ago gradually onset with progressive physical training. Resting, Ice, compression management received but no progression gained. Patient further seek bone-setter treatment but the situation got worse.

Symptoms: Left Knee inferior portion showed significant swelling, with local inflammatory signs significant. Patients walk with pain, and the discomfort increased with going up and down stair.

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Acupuncture Used for Arm Pain


Chief-complaint: Pain in both arms

Medical-history: 86 yr old woman with high blood pressure, has had thyroid surgery, and receives cortisone shots for low back pain.

Symptoms: Patient has been having severe pain radiating down her arms so much so that she takes Ibuprofen every four hours and has been doing so for 6 months. The pain keeps her up at night and limits her ability to perform regular tasks.

Pulse: Pulse was thready and rapid with Lung and Kidney weak.
Her trapezius muscle was especially tight, points UB10 and GB21 were painful, UB43 tight as well as UB11,12, and 13. Many Ashi points.

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Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Shoulder Pain


Chief-complaint: Right Shoulder Pain

Western-diagnosis: inflammation of the deltoid

Medical-history: 64 year old female.
Complaining of shoulder pain x 1 month.

Symptoms: Right shoulder pain
Pain with arm abduction
Forward flexion pain

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The Use of Acupuncture and Moxabustion for Scar Tissue


Chief-complaint: Arm numbness & weakness due to trauma

Medical-history: A right-handed young man (~21), seen & treated at a volunteer shift at a homeless youth drop-in service center. We’ll call him Amadeus.

About a year previously, Amadeus got in a fight & was stabbed in the left arm, and then thrown in jail where he received almost zero medical attention. He had one wound up in the deltoid, and a more serious one about halfway up the ventral forearm. This trauma seems to have nearly severed his extensor digitorum (while he was in jail, he couldn’t move or feel his fingers). About 4 months after the initial injury, he had surgery to repair the injury.

Symptoms: When I saw him, he had a large (about 8”) crooked scar on his forearm; the initial knife wound had a deep scar at the center, & there are 2 surgical scars extending out from it.

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Acupuncture and Herbs used for Shoulder Pain


Chief Complaint: Right shoulder pain in LI-15 area

Western Diagnosis: X ray confirms calcium deposit on anterior aspect of humerus, between heads of biceps brachii tendons.

Medical History: 41 y.o. female, attorney. First noticed the pain about two years ago while in a stressful court trial. Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed at age 19. Auto accident five years ago with subsequent back pain. Smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol moderately, and acknowledges that she is overweight and doesn’t exercise enough. Diet consisted of a lot of business lunches eaten hurriedly while reading stacks of legal briefs. At present,the pain is a constant dull ache which occasional sharp stabbing sensations which make her feel nauseous. She has tried massage and chiropractic and is trying acupuncture as a last resort to surgery to remove the calcium deposit.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Heel Pain


Chief Complaint: Left Heel Pain

Medical History: At age 14, he was diagnosed with polio. And ever since then fear has been one of the predominating emotions in his life. In 1997, he voluntarily underwent a vasectomy. He felt this would allow him to engage in a fulfilling sexual lifestyle, without the worry of ever having any children.

He is a tall man, standing over 6’5, and possessing a very muscular physique. He is also currently undergoing marital strife, as I also treat his wife as well. There are seeking marriage counseling.

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Acupuncture used for Low Back Pain and Hot Feet


Chief Complaint: lower back discomfort, hot feet.

Medical History: Female approx 50 + y.o.

Presenting Challenge: Discomfort in lower back last 12 months or so, can vary from sore or can’t get comfortable, to a sense of tired, weak. Also digestive challenges leading to diminished appetite pattern of irregular food intake due to varying work schedule.

Irregular menses last 2 years, last period 6mths or so ago.

Otherwise feels general health to be pretty good tho work schedules can be a bit taxing when busy.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Low Back Pain


Chief Complaint: lower back pain for 6 years

Western Diagnosis: L3-L5 Hyperosteogeny

Medical History: Patient has been suffering from lower back pain for 6 years, and the pain, accompanied with sciatica for 3 months, gets worse when he is tired. He had chiropractic treatment for 3 months, but it was not efficiently improved.

Pulse exam: Pulse is wiry and fast.

Tongue exam: Tongue is purplish and redish with little coating.

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Herbs and Acupuncture for Achelles Tendinitis


Chief Complaint: Achilles Tendinitis

Western Diagnosis: Achilles Tendinitis

Medical History: Patient, 62, with primary complaint of achilles heel tendinitis. She has been a ice skater for over twenty years and has only recently began feeling a fixed pain and swelling at KD3 to KD7 area.

She is slightly overweight with poor eating habits, yet has a good exercise regimine, exercising at least 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes.

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Sports Medicine with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: big toe hurts, neck pain

Western Diagnosis: sports sprain

Medical History: a football athlete from Steelers, his left big toe hit the ground straight when playing football. No pain killers. Regular diet, no regular rest, a lot of competition

Questioning exam: Pain duration: one month.
Intensity: About 7-8, hurts all the time, ice makes it feel better.

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