Acupuncture Treatment for Hand Injury


Chief Complaint: Pain and immobility of hand

Western Diagnosis: Hand Crush Injury.

Medical History: Crush injury of right hand during work-accident.

Questioning exam: Continuous pain in right hand, immobility of hand and fingers with exacerbation of pain with movement. Insomnia, decline in libido and sexual performance since injury.

OM Diagnosis: Injury of PC channel, with attendant symptoms of PC organ, causing insomnia and sexual and libido decline.

Treatment Principle: Sedation and release of Qi in PC channel.

Point Prescription: PC 9, PC 6, PC 7

Lifestyle Prescription: Patient did physiotherapy treatments and received NSAID drugs without any help to his condition.

Results: Partial improvement after 1st treatment, complete healing after 5 sessions, with return to work after absence of nearly 6 months.

Hi Doctor.

One question about this case: Did he experience any improvement in his PC shen level/libido issues after the five treatments?



Hi Al,

Didn’t know it was you up there…
And yes, he did experience improvement in his libido, sexual performance, and sleep.


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