Welcome to gancao.net.

I once heard someone in a meeting of Chinese medicine herbalists describe themselves as the gancao of the room. He saw his job in the meeting as we use gancao in formulas – to harmonize and moderate the actions of the others.

I always liked the idea, that someone, or even a website could act as a harmonization and moderation agent among many. Hence, gancao.net was born.

As it turned http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/valium/ out, gancao.net is a little bit of everything of interest to a TCM practitioner. There are the hundreds of case studies that have come our way, some stray bits of books that I’ve worked on, some teaching notes and one doctorate project I worked on (DSHEA).

Also, there’s the research of Dr. Margaret Naeser and her work with laser acupuncture.

Welcome to gancao.net, please enjoy your stay.

-Al Stone, L.Ac., DAOM. [bio]