Acupuncture Used for Arm Pain


Chief-complaint: Pain in both arms

Western-diagnosis: N/A

Medical-history: 86 yr old woman with high blood pressure, has had thyroid surgery, and receives cortisone shots for low back pain.

Symptoms: Patient has been having severe pain radiating down her arms so much so that she takes Ibuprofen every four hours and has been doing so for 6 months. The pain keeps her up at night and limits her ability to perform regular tasks.

Pulse: Pulse was thready and rapid with Lung and Kidney weak.
Her trapezius muscle was especially tight, points UB10 and GB21 were painful, UB43 tight as well as UB11,12, and 13. Many Ashi points.

Tongue: Tongue has a light coat, center crack, heat prickles in the front and sides.

CM-diagnosis: Heart Channel Obstruction

Treatment-principle: Remove obstruction, nourish heart qi

Point-prescription: TW5, GB41, LI11, UB10, UB11, UB12, UB13, UB15, GB20, GB21, KD3, UB40, UB43, ear Apex, ear shen men


Lifestyle-prescription: I recommended the patient take CoQ10.

Results: After the second treatment this patient was off ibuprofen and came to see me 3 more times every two days. I hadn’t seen her in 3 weeks and she came in because her arms were starting to bother her again. She hadn’t taken any ibuprofen in 3 weeks and was ecstatic. She was scheduled to have surgery on her low back and told the Doctor “no, I’m going to Acupuncture and its helping.”

Synopsis: Title:
Elderly Woman with Pain Radiating Down Both Arms.
Upon palpation and questioning it was clear the patients muscles were so stiff that it obstructed blood flow to the upper limbs. The first time I seen the patient she was very sensitive to touch and light massage was irritating. The second time I gave her a treatment the sensitivity to touch was diminished and she enjoyed a light massage. I chose points that would loosen the muscles, activate the channels and alleviate pain, nourish the heart and clear heat, and lower the blood pressure. The Patient has been treated by me since July 2011.

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