The Acupuncture Treatment of Heartburn (GERD)


Chief Complaint: heartburn

Western Diagnosis: esophageal reflux

Medical History: stress related, burning like a hole in his stomach, ravenous hunger;
defensiveness, vulnerability

Questioning exam: heartburn ad epigastric pain, militant atheist.

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Oriental Medicine for Hives and GERD


Chief Complaint: Rashes, heart burn and sudden onset fatigue

Western Diagnosis: Hives and Acid reflex associated with stress

Medical History: Patient is a 40 year old female, who generally is in good health. She has had hives since childhood, hives comes and goes. Anti-histamine medication or prednisone did not help in the past. She used to take patent herbs for a few days, the rashes would be gone for a couple of months. Wherever she did not get enough sleep or stressed out, the rashes showed up again. Also each time she got pregnant, she tends to get hives. She never had heart burn before, but sometimes has bloating and indigestion when she eats greasy food .

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The Acupuncture Treatment of GERD


Chief Complaint: Severe abdominal pain

Western Diagnosis: gastric reflux

Medical History: 14 year old female with abdominal pain for three months. Onset began with a heavy deep fried meal, and has gotten worse since then. It is accompanied by nausea, and it has been necessary to remove her from school.

She is normal weight and has acne on her back and face, and her periods have become irregular as a side effect of anti-nausea medications. It was discovered she felt responsible for the death of her aunt who recently died, although this was not true. She had been in silent emotional stress.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Stomach Reflux and Vomiting


Chief Complaint: vomiting/stomach reflux

Medical History: 3and a half year old, white male, autistic. Slow development. Not talking or walking. Has been seeing occupational therapist for over 2 years. Mild improvement. Patient has been vomiting food since birth. Mother is very persistent in following recommended procedures with past doctors. Diet is high in sugars, particularly fruit juice, cold foods,little to no daily water intake. No recurring medical problems besides those listed above. No history of ear infections or frequent colds/flus. Some fear of nutritional deficiency and lack of food intake causing growth problems.

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