Oriental Medicine for Prostatic Carcinoma


Chief Complaint: Pain in spine, knees, and legs from metastatic disease

Western Diagnosis: Prostatic Carcinoma

Medical History: Until onset of the pain six months before first acupuncture treatment, patient reports leading a healthy, active, and pain free life.

Questioning exam: Patient reported night sweats, some hearing loss in both ears, high blood pressure, urinary frequency with light flow, and pain in knee, back, and hip.

Pulse exam: Floating in upper and middle jiao, weak in lower jiao. Palpation revealed depressed and inactive area around Ren 3 through Ren 6; congestion at Ren 17; depressed and inactive at Ren 14.

Tongue exam: Tongue was red, no coat, and cracks on sides and in back.

OM Diagnosis: Heart, Liver, and Kidney Yin deficiency and Kidney Yang/Essence deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Tonify yin, replenish marrow, tonify yang, astringe qi (qi was escaping body at bottom and feet and finger tips) and stimulate immune system.

Point Prescription: sj5(b), UB13(b), UB23(b), D4, UB28(b), UB32(b), UB40R, Sp9(B), GB34R, ourhealthissues.com/product/valium/ UB58R, GB33(L), GB34(L), St36(L), Liv 8(L), Ki10(L), K5(b), UB64R, Ki3R

Herbal Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang 8(3x)to tonify yin, strengthen kidneys and immune system, and Deep Defense TM by Rainbow Light to build immune system.

Lifestyle Prescription: Qi Gong therapy was administered to patient by practitioner for about 11 of the 14 treatments. Patient was also instructed to perform Qi Gong exercises on his own to cleanse body of turbid qi and strengthen vital qi.

Results: Acupuncture Treatments began January 12, 2002 and ended February 23, 2002. Herbal treatments began January 12, 2002 and continue to present with patient taking both herbal remedies. By April 2002, examination by D.O. showed cancer had gone into remission and there was no evidence of bone bone metastatic disease as shown earlier with MRI.

Synopsis: It is my belief that the patient’s immune system, strengthened by acupuncture, herbs, qi gong, and the patient’s fighting spirit, eradicated the disease

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