Acupuncture Treatment of Eczema and Lung Pain


Chief Complaint: Lung pain,eczema on lips and hands

Western Diagnosis: Pleurisy, chest x-ray shows lungs are clear.

Medical History: Patient has a history of bronchitis, 2 incidents of pneumonia in the past 5 years. 5years ago mothers passed away,uncle last year, 18yr old nephew this past week. Patient has a busy life style, mother of one teen daughter, she travels once a month for her MBA to another state as well as works full time.

Questioning exam: not enough sleep(6hrs/night), feels cold all the time. no sweat, voice strong but hollow,no appetite,easily constipated tired all the time, low energy and libido, low back pain, easily catches colds, tongue pale/bluish, pulse slow/choppy at 1st position right, not felt at 3rd position

Pulse exam: choppy, weak

Tongue exam: pale blue

OM Diagnosis: Lung qi deficiency, Ki yang def

Treatment Principle: remove pain tonify lung qi and promote ki yang

Point Prescription: 4-gates, Lu 7, ub23, Ub13, K3, St36,sp6,Lu1, cv4,GV4

Lifestyle Prescription: gua sha on back along Ub meridian

In addition it was mention to the patient that the Lungs are associated with the emotion of grief, and there has been many losses in the patient’s life.

Results: The patient on the second visit came with no pain, she said this happened after going home after the first treatment and realizing that she has not let herself grieve over the personal loses, and once she realized that her lung pain started to go away. the second and third treatments were focused on supporting her Lung and Ki.

Clinic Name: acupuncture tree of life

clinic address: 112 south main street Unionville Ct

clinic phone number: 860-573-8047

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