Acupuncture Treatment of Post Shingles Neuralgia


Chief Complaint: Post Shingles Neuralgia

Western Diagnosis: Uveitis

Medical History: 93 y.o., female, complaining of paresthesia around left eye with inflammation in left eye following a Herpes Zoster attack which manifested on the upper left quadrant of the face a few months ago. Western treatments with acyclovir, prednisone (eye drops) and ciproflaxin (eye drops) were ineffective for 2 months. Ets 2-3 meals with adequate caloric intake and digestion is ok with no diarrhea. Sleeps a lot- 10+ hours per day. Good disposition.

Questioning exam: Localized symptoms (paresthesia), general frailty, withdrawn.

Pulse exam: red eye(left), swelling around left ankle, thin pulse.

Tongue exam: pale tongue, with dry white coat.

OM Diagnosis: Damp-Heat in GB channel overlying a constitutional pattern of Qi & Blood deficiency with damp due to yang/Qi deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Clear Heat and Toxin, move Qi and Blood, and later strengthen Qi/yang to strengthen digestion.

Point Prescription: GB1, GB14, Taiyang, St 2, St8, Bl2, Sp9 on left side and L.I 4 – Lv3, St36, Ki3, Sp6 Bilateral), GV20, CV4, CV6. TuiNa around Face/neck (GB20) and around left shin/ankle and some similar work on the right side also for balance.

Herbal Formula: Not used initially, due to frailty of patient and concurrent use of western pharmaceuticals,as noted above.

See below for tonifying (Xi yang Shen, Rou Gui) teas added later in the treatment, after cearing of the eye. Ming Mu Di Huang Wan also added later into Tx.

Lifestyle Prescription: Breathwork, warm water for drinking and foods with more liquids- soups, stews, and green, leafy vegetables (cooked).

Results: Redness in eye started decreasing with the first Tx with complete clearing in 3 weeks at 2 visits per week. Opthalmologist was amazed at the subsequent visit on the sudden improvement after 2-3 months of being in a refractory state. Glaucoma Sx resolved spontaneously. Eyesight improved.

Synopsis: This patient’s weak constitution prevented her from clearing the damp heat pathogen. Due to her frailty, minimal herbal Tx wre used initially. After 3 weeks, she started on a regimen of Xi Yang Shen and Rou Gui as single herb teas, once a day, to boost Yang/i and Yin.

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