Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Herpes Zoster (Shingles)


Chief Complaint: burning pain in the left hip which referred to the genital region.

Western Diagnosis: herpes zoster.

Medical History: 29 year old female with a history of vaginal infections as well as genital herpes. She is currently sexually active with several partners and is currently taking oral contraceptives.

Questioning exam: Patient complains of burning pain in her left hip which refers to her genital region. Onset of pain was on week prior to coming for treatment with progressive pain daily. The area of pain is marked by red vesicles which appear to be fluid filled. Lesions can be seen in the areas from UB31 to GB29 and to the inguinal groove on the left side.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment of Herpes Zoster


Chief Complaint: Skin Rash for over 10 years

Medical History: Herpes zoster
Questioning exam: Rashes all over the body, especially at neck, chest and arm, it is all red and itching, the skin at forearm is thickened and it is also dry, headache on left temple on and off, hip pain and leg pain on left side, left earache, weight gain, western medicine helped the rashes and itching but get worse when stopped. do not want to use forever western medicine and want to be treated by natural medicine

Pulse exam: pulse is very deep and hard to be felt because of the thickening of the skin, slightly slippery and wiry

Tongue exam: Small tongue compare to her body size, thin yellow greasy tongue coating, red tip

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Acupuncture Treatment of Post Shingles Neuralgia


Chief Complaint: Post Shingles Neuralgia

Western Diagnosis: Uveitis

Medical History: 93 y.o., female, complaining of paresthesia around left eye with inflammation in left eye following a Herpes Zoster attack which manifested on the upper left quadrant of the face a few months ago. Western treatments with acyclovir, prednisone (eye drops) and ciproflaxin (eye drops) were ineffective for 2 months. Ets 2-3 meals with adequate caloric intake and digestion is ok with no diarrhea. Sleeps a lot- 10+ hours per day. Good disposition.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Herpes Zoster (Shingles)


Chief Complaint: Damp Heat invading Liver and Gall Bladder

Western Diagnosis: Herpes Zoster

Medical History: The patient was a 31 year old male, approximately 5ft 10″ tall and slightly overweight. He had a sallow complexion with swollen eyelids and a weak sounding voice.

His chief complaint was herpes zoster (shingles), the blisters had just started to appear 2 days ago. Plus he had been feeling very tired a lot of the time for the past few months.

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The Oriental Medicine Treatment of Herpes Zoster


A Case of Herpes Zoster

Nancy, 52 year-old female, paid her first visit on October 10, 2000, complained of rashes with burning pain on the area right below the left breast for 3 days.

She noticed millet-sized red rashes three days ago, which developed into small blisters and are clustered two days later. The affected area is very painful. Other symptoms include mild headache, anxiety, bitter taste in the mouth, mild constipation. She had not taken any medication for this problem.

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