Oriental Medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Chief Complaint: Pain in the Joints.
Western Diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis
History: The patient complained of small joints starting in the winter from a long time. Gradually, it spread to larger joints mainly in the knee.
Symptoms: Joint Pain, Muscle pain, Body Ache, Tiredness, Stiffness, Swelling in the legs, too much weakness while doing even small work she was feeling weak.
Palpation: Pulse is thin and wiry.
Observation: Dry with yellow coating in the root ( UB area )
OM Diagnosis: Yin & Qi Deficiency with Lower jiao heat
Treatment Principle: tonify Yin & blood, remove heat and move Qi
Point Prescription: – Liv 3
– Liv 8
– LI 4
– PC 4
– shen men
– ST 36
– Sp 10
– Sp 6
– BL 15
– BL 17
– BL 20
– Gua sha with Olive oil and vinegar.
Herb Prescription: – Ling Zhi Extracts
– Jia Wei Xiao Yan San
– Feng wang jiang
– Se(Selenium)

Lifestyle Prescription: Stop Protein, oily and spicy food,
glutin product, and cheese.
Results: After 3 weeks of the treatment patient felt pain free. Until today, symptoms completely disappeared. We stopped metho trexate tablet and cortisons tablets. She is getting Energy back and no pain. Swelling is reduced on the legs.
Synopsis: Patient was taking Metho trexate, aspirin, calcum, MultiVitamins, and cortisone tablets
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