Acupuncture Treatment of Neck Pain


Chief Complaint: Neck Pain

Western Diagnosis: Cervicalgia

Medical History: Amateur tennis player.

Past History of car accidents, (2001, 2004)

Standard American Diet.

Craves coffee, spicy food.

Questioning exam: Localized, dull, achy pain with stiffness.

Worse with pressure.

Pain along BL and Du channels.

Worse at night.

Better with hot baths.

Pulse exam: Pulse, Left-Thin and wiry, Regular rate

Right- Thin and Floating, Regular rate.

Tongue exam: Pale color, thin white coat, scalloping.

OM Diagnosis: Qi and Blood Stasis of localized nature.

Excess pattern.

Sinew and Tendon Deficiency, Liver.

Treatment Principle: Tonify Qi and Blood of BL and Du channels.

Clear excess.

Tonify Liver and Blood

Point Prescription:

UB 10

UB 11

GB 20

GB 21

Ah-Shi points

Liver Shu (BL 18)

Diaphragm Shu (BL 17)

Herbal Formula: Herbal Patches

Lifestyle Prescription: Avoid spicy and coffee.

Avoid damp foods.

Results: Progressively better with continued care.

Synopsis: Pretty classic case.

Clinic Name: Dr. Fred Lisanti, ND, LAc, RH(AHG), CHT

clinic address: 281 White Plains Rd.

Eastchester, NY 10709

clinic phone number: 914-961-7575

email address:


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