Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for Anxiety and Depression


Chief Complaint: Anxiety and depression

History: History of Anxiety and depression. She is going through a divorce at the moment. And had a constant headache for two weeks.

Symptoms: Dull pain throbbing. Like a band across the head. Insomnia and some dizziness.

Palpation: Pulse–thin and weak
Abdomen-Some tenderness and pulsation at the cv 12 area.

Observation: Pale tongue, weak voice and dry skin.

OM Diagnosis: Sp def, blood def

Treatment Principle: Tonify sp and blood

Point Prescription: Bl 17,18,20, sp6, sp4, Cv 12,6, st36, Moxa-cv12

Herb Prescription: Nu ke ba zheng san

Lifestyle Prescription: I’ve recommended some qi gong practice as well as some dietary changes to a more whole foods diet with the addition of more green vegetables

Results: After two treatments-less pain, and after 4 treatments headaches were gone

Name: R. Scott Moylan

Credentials: Licensed Acupuncturist

Clinic Name: Elements of Healing

Street address: 21 Essex Way Suite 109

City: Essex Jct.

State: VT

Zip: 05452

Country: USA

Phone 1: 802-288-8160



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