Acupuncture and Herbs to Treat Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: unilateral ear-ringing

Western Diagnosis: tinnitus

History: 54 yr old male with 9 yr history of left sided ear ringing. Occasional dizziness with no regular pattern.

Symptoms: high pitched ringing in l ear which is worse at night and when thirsty post-strenuous exercise. knees ache. jittery feeling in body when hungry.

Palpation: pulse is faint and thin in all positions. chi position on left wrist is quite deep.

Observation: tongue has very little coating. the tongue body is slightly red and there are many (tender looking) cracks

OM Diagnosis: kidney (and liver) yin vacuity

Treatment Principle: nourish kidney yin

Point Prescription: ki 3, liv 3, spl 6, sj 6 and 7 on alternating tx, 2 ashi pts behind lobe and left ear, ki back shu needled shallowly for 5 minutes, needles are manipulated gently in a clockwise rotation every 3-5 minutes and left in situ for 20 minutes max.

Herb Prescription: bpp supplement yin based on modified liu wei di huang wan – taken 45 minutes prior to meals with warm water or tea

Lifestyle Prescription: drink more water – 10 cups a day. ground flax seed tea to moisten intestines. and try to rest more whenever possible in his day.

Results: pt reported 50% decrease in ear ringing after initial 5 tx and 2 1/2 weeks of herbal rx. not waking 2x/night to urinate any more.

Synopsis: this pt had a very clear clinical pattern of ki and liver yin vacuity that had worsened especially over the course of the past 9 years – in part due to exhausting cross country running training and other lifestyle practices.

Name: Jason Bazilian
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