Acupuncture and Herbs for Migraines


Chief Complaint: temporal headaches for 2 years

Western Diagnosis: chronic migraines

Medical History: Anorexia as a teen, GB and appendix removed in 1987. Job is high pressure management position. He is forced to lay-off a large group due to economics. He is social drinker and smoker. Diet still poor. Frequently he eats very little and when he does its cold cereal, salads or a bagel.

Questioning exam: He is constantly hot and sweaty. He sweat easily and spontaneously. Shoulders and occiput are sore and aching. Chronic nasal congestion, occasional tinnitus, sometimes dizzy and light-headed. frequent palpitations. No gas or bloating. frequent thirst<

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Migraine Headaches

Western Diagnosis: cervical spondylosis, C4-5 disc protrusion

Medical History: Dishwasher fell on his head July 2003. He was taken to ER, x-rays taken, neck brace put on and sent back to work. He received PT and chiropractic treatments. Minimal improvements. He is a martial arts expert, and in very good physical condition. His diet varies from healthy foods to junk. He has a hx. of allergies, and diverticulitis as a child. He has Raynaud’s disease, and TMJ dysfunction. He smokes cigarettes.

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Acupuncture for Edema in Legs


Chief Complaint: Migraine and edema in legs

Medical History: Has taken contraceptive for 1 year.

Questioning exam: Migraine with nausea and mouth ulcers for over 10 years. Temporal and on the right side with loss of vision in the left eye and numbness in the left arm.

Dizziness on standing up

abdominal and lumbar pain during period.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Chronic Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Chronic headaches

Western Diagnosis: Migraine headaches

Medical History:

Sylvia, a thirty five year old woman from St. Petersburg, suffered from severe migraine headaches for four years following the birth of her third child. A very hard-working college student and single mother with a full-time job, she felt over-stressed during waking hours and hardly had time for sleep.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Migraines

Medical History: Patient M is a 32 year old Italian Male who resides in Los Angeles, California and works for a moving company. He presented in my office two years ago with complaints of Migraine headaches that he has had since he was a child. He has tried taking medication for his headaches, but they have not helped.

Since Mr. M was about twelve years old he has experienced migraine headaches about every other week. These headaches last for about one day and range from moderate to severe. Unless his headaches are severe the patient continues to go to work and perform his daily activities. He reports that his headaches feel like pressure inside his head and can sometimes feel like stabbing pain. His usually experiences them on only one side, but that sometimes it is the left and sometimes it is on the right, but never both sides in one episode.

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