Acupuncture and Herbs for Migraines


Chief Complaint: temporal headaches for 2 years

Western Diagnosis: chronic migraines

Medical History: Anorexia as a teen, GB and appendix removed in 1987. Job is high pressure management position. He is forced to lay-off a large group due to economics. He is social drinker and smoker. Diet still poor. Frequently he eats very little and when he does its cold cereal, salads or a bagel.

Questioning exam: He is constantly hot and sweaty. He sweat easily and spontaneously. Shoulders and occiput are sore and aching. Chronic nasal congestion, occasional tinnitus, sometimes dizzy and light-headed. frequent palpitations. No gas or bloating. frequent thirst

Pulse exam: Pulse 90 weak and slippery
point tenderness on almost all channels

Tongue exam: Red and narrow. Purple strips down center with thick greasy yellow coat. Sub-lingual veins are positive

OM Diagnosis: GB/ stomach disharmony, phlegm-heat accumulation.
liver blockage turning hot combines with spleen damp to affect the Shao yang channel causing blockage and jells the fluids into phlegm (Steven Clavey) In this case, early weight problems giving rise to anorexia damaged both the GB and sp/st to cause removal of GB and fluid online drugstore usa pathologies. Eventually the heat from the shao yang excess invaded the spleen/stomach giving rise to congestion, sweat, heavy body(even though he does not eat much) and excessive foot odor. The headaches started 1 year ago around the time that he, as a young boss was forced to fire 35 employees with families. The combination of preexisting disharmonies brewed the emotions and transformed the stagnation and dampness more toward heat. This heat harasses the heart causing palpitations dizziness and insomnia. While the stagnation of heat and phlegm cause headaches.

Treatment Principle: Clear heat in liver/gallbladder, transform phlegm, regulate qi, harmonize the stomach/spleen

Point Prescription: LI4/Lv3

Herbal Formula: Wen Dan Tang

Lifestyle Prescription: Regulate diet. Add nourishing foods and stop eating late at night.
While not practical, a job change may be helpful.

Results: Moderate results.4 weeks reduced headaches. Patient suffering less frequently. Still has heat and phlegm

Synopsis: His lifestyle contributes significantly to his condition. At present he is not willing to change these things. However, he continues to come regularly and feels benefit from continued care

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