Acupuncture Treatment for Headache


Chief Complaint: Headache, right side

Western Diagnosis: Hypertension and temporal arteritis

Medical History: Hypertension for 40 year on regular medicine.

Questioning exam: Right sided headache for 1 month, worse at night

Pulse exam: Pulse: regular

Right side headache gets worse when palpated.

Tongue exam: Light red tongue with white fur

OM Diagnosis: Headache due to the arising liver Yang

Treatment Principle: Reducing liver Yang and local pain

Point Prescription: Tai Chong (liver 3), bilateral

Zhu San Li (stomach 36), bilateral

Local Ashi Points on right scalp

Lifestyle Prescription: Advice patient to take regular meds for blood pressure and continue to see his neurologist to rule out temporal arteritis (a condition needs special treatment to prevent eye involvement)

Results: Good after three sessions of acupuncture

Synopsis: Electroacupuncture was avoided because patient has a pacemaker.

Clinic Name: Herb Acupuncture Clinic

clinic address: Green Knoll Professional Part

720 Route 202/206, 1C

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

clinic phone number: 908 619 0601

email address:


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