Acupuncture for Edema in Legs


Chief Complaint: Migraine and edema in legs

Medical History: Has taken contraceptive for 1 year.

Questioning exam: Migraine with nausea and mouth ulcers for over 10 years. Temporal and on the right side with loss of vision in the left eye and numbness in the left arm.

Dizziness on standing up

abdominal and lumbar pain during period.

Slight constipation 1 stool every 2-3 days.

spontaneous sweating.

Pulse exam: Pulse- fine, deep, slippery. spleen and lung positions weak-liver wiry and strong.

Stomach palpation- rm4,st25 bilateral, ki16 left, rm15, Lu1Bilateral all sensitive.

Tongue exam: Tongue swollen

Coating yellow, greasy

OM Diagnosis: Spleen and kidney yang deficiency and liver yang rising. Fire and Water out of balance. Fire in excess above and water in excess below.

Treatment Principle: Regulate Fire and Water. Nourish kidney and spleen yang, calm Liver yang.

Point Prescription: K1 2 with Moxa (fire point in water)

Ht 3/Pc 3 (tonify water point in Fire)

Sp 9

Ki 3

Tung 88.12

St 40

Liv 3

Gb 34

Sp 2, Ht 8, Liv 1, Sp1 (4 needle technique for spleen)

Lifestyle Prescription: Stop eating dairy

Results: After 3 treatments Migraine and mouth ulcers disappeared. Legs have become less swollen. Continuing treatment for leg edema.

Synopsis: The key to this case was the problem between water and fire. Once this was regulated the symptoms went away. There is still a constitutional imbalance to be worked on.

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