The Acupuncture Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Migraine Headaches

Western Diagnosis: cervical spondylosis, C4-5 disc protrusion

Medical History: Dishwasher fell on his head July 2003. He was taken to ER, x-rays taken, neck brace put on and sent back to work. He received PT and chiropractic treatments. Minimal improvements. He is a martial arts expert, and in very good physical condition. His diet varies from healthy foods to junk. He has a hx. of allergies, and diverticulitis as a child. He has Raynaud’s disease, and TMJ dysfunction. He smokes cigarettes.

Questioning exam: stress, sinus problems, excessive phlegm, headaches, wet cough, clear or yellow phlegm, gas, bloating, intestinal pain, three BM a day, Pain.

Pulse exam: SP pulse is slippery and xu. All other are normal.

Tongue exam: Foamy, dirty white thick coating.

OM Diagnosis: SP xu leading to dampness> phlegm

After 4 treatments his Sp pulse became excessive, with increase heat signs in tongue.(smoker)

Treatment Principle: Dry dampness and tonify SP.

Resolve migraines.

Point Prescription: GB20,21, BL10-needle upwards to direct water(DR. Tran techniques), Huatos @C7-needle upwards toward head, SI11, 15,13, BL11, 18, 20, 21.

LI4, KI3, SP6, Shenmen. Added LR1, SP1, KI2, LI11 when heat signs became more apparent.

Herbal Formula: None

Lifestyle Prescription: Dietary Changes- he was given a handout on cooling foods.

Results: After 7 treatments, he was only having a mild migraine 1 time a week. By the 9th visit he was migraine free. And to come back if headaches return. He has not returned.

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