Acupuncture and Herb for Hip and Knee Pain


Chief Complaint: Left Hip and Knee pain

Medical History: Pain started after having gallbladder and right Kidney removed. After right kidney was removed patient had an infected scar and was put on anti-inflammatory drugs for some time, during which there was no pain. Once off drugs pain returned. Patient (F 59) was checked for rheumatoid arthritis and negative, arthritis was also ruled out, and was recommended to visit an acupuncturist. No prior pain to operations. On hypertension drugs also, blood pressure is under control.

Questioning exam: Hip pain is worse at night when getting comfortable for bed. Knee pain is lateral and upon exertion, going up and down stairs. Worse in cold weather, better in warm. Patient was asked if she exercised prior to operations, and if she exercises know. Patient replied that she would walk at least 45 minutes five times per week and at the moment only walks five to ten minutes once or twice a week. BM: regular bowels 1-2x/day. Energy is low through out the day.

Pulse exam: P: moderate speed, weak in both chi positions, and moderate in guan, slight slippery in cun positions.

Pain elicited with pressure application on gb-31 area, and also at greater trochanter of femur.

Tongue exam: light red body, swollen tongue with tooth marks and thin white coat. Patient is slightly overweight.

OM Diagnosis: Left hip and knee pain do to cold obstructing the GB sinew channel creating qi and blood stagnation—pain is worse in cold weather, and lack of movement or exercise causes pain since there is lack of movement of qi and blood. Underlying sp qi xu, and Kd qi xu–from order ultram cod tongue diagnosis and observation of bad distribution of fluids

Treatment Principle: Remove cold move qi and blood, tone sp and kd qi

Point Prescription: Sj-5, Gb-34, Sp-10 electro to St-34 (discontinuous), Kd-3, St-36 (moxa), Left Gb-31, Gb-41, Rn-12, TDP over Left Knee. Tuina down IT-band after needdle insertion. EAR: Left shenmen, knee, hip and thalamus, right shenmen, endocrine.. Golden pellets on Kd to take home for 3-4 days.

Herbal Formula: 2 “OO” size capsules of corydalis before bed.

Lifestyle Prescription: Start walking again, slowly move up to exercise regimen prior to surgeries, making sure to stretch prior and after exercise.

Soak legs in bucket of warm water w/ sea salt, for 15 minutes before bed and cover legs well.

[b]Results: After 2 treatments patient reported less problems with hip pain when getting into bed and had two whole nights with no pain at all after second treatment. Knee pain is better when going upstairs than down stairs which is more painful, but over all has also improved. Also feels that walking and starting some form of exercise really is of benefit.

Synopsis: Over all patient reports feeling much better, and with more energy. Her legs also feel lighter and with less constriction. I believe patient will be feeling much better after six treatments and once her exercise regimen is back to normal. i do believe she will have to loose a bit of weight to feel more relief, but slow passes take you a long way, so everything with time.

Clinic Name: Marco Caturegli

clinic address: Tepoztlan, Mexico

clinic phone number: (01 739) 395 2632

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