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Acupuncture for Huntington’s Disease


Chief Complaint: Muscle Tetany

Western Diagnosis: Huntington’s Disease

Medical History: A 50 year old male collage professor. Two years ago began noticing he had difficulty thinking clearly. Soon after, his hands began to become shaky and he gradually degenerated more and more. Finally, he was unable to walk on his own or change his own clothes. He could not read anymore and suffered some dementia. He also had difficulty eating.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: tinnitus

Western Diagnosis: vestibular-cochlear outlet syndrome

Medical History: 27-year male c/o tinnitus in Left ear for years. Born with Right-sided deafness. Seen by MD’s (inc. Mayo clinic), Chiropractors with no resolution or result of any kind. Patient is otherwise healthy with no other complaints and is otherwise unremarkable.

Questioning exam: Tinnitus had a gradual onset that was not high-pitched. It only occurred in L side and progressed over a period of 6-8 years from an occasional nuisance to causing dizziness 1-2 times/week. There was no discharge. Patient had no preferences for warm or cold and did not exhibit any specific deficiency signs. No complaints of low back pain or nocturnal urination. No dry eyes, floaters, conjunctival injection. Dreams sleep was unremarkable. Patient lives with his fiance and has a healthy but not excessive sex life. No GI complaints. Eats well without any cravings. No constipation or diarrhea. No history of EPI prior to onset. Pt presented as otherwise unremarkable.

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Acupuncture for Sinusitis


Chief Complaint: Sinus problems

Medical History: Onset 5 years ago. Drinks 2 cups coffee daily.

Questioning exam: Sinus congestion and headaches worse with dairy and wheat. However no symptoms are used to make a Five Element Diagnosis.

Pulse exam: Pulses indicated exit-entry blocks between LV and Lu and LI and St.

Tongue exam: n/a

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The Oriental Medicine Treatment of Low Back Pain & Sciatica


Chief Complaint: lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica on the left side

Western Diagnosis: lumbago, sciatica

Medical History: Patient is a 49 year old Caucasian female that has lumbago and occasional sciatica on the left side which is chronic (for 4-5 years) but can vary in intensity depending on various factors. Bloating and flatulence are an ongoing problem as is chronic sinus congestion, bad breath, vaginal discharge, depression, PMS and sore throats. Patient works for a legal firm as an a paralegal and has to work overtime weekly. She is Divorced with 2 younger children and 1 older child. Patient usually has only coffee and a bagel for breakfast, fast food for lunch and eats a late dinner past 8 o’clock in the evening. She lists chocolate as one of her favorite foods and she does light exercises (e.g walking) about 1 hour a week. Most of her free time is spent with her children and family events. She rarely has any “alone-time.”

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Traditional East Asian Medicine Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Headache 40 +years, adverse 12 years

Western Diagnosis: Daily tension headache, migraine

Medical History: A 57 year-old Female, got headache when she was 12 years old.At the beginning, the headache just occurred each week, and the time was not lasted very long–3-4 hours per time and the pain was not located a specific part.After took pain-killer drug,it could be relieved.12 years ago, the headache became more and more frequent, almost headache every day, and from the morning to evening, the patient had to take medicine everyday,about 3-4 pills a day.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Vascular Headache


Chief Complaint: right temporal pain

Western Diagnosis: vascular headache

Medical History: A woman aged 40 complained headache for 20 years. the right temporal pain began 20 yeas age, often preceded by nervous tension or over-fatigue, and aggravated during menses. She experienced boring pain in the right temporal region accompanied by cramping pain of the right eye. the bouts usually subsided after 3-5 days, sometimes with slight pain remaining.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Arm Pain and Tingling


Chief Complaint: arm pain and tingling

Western Diagnosis: radial tunnel syndrome

Medical History: Patient no relevant history except repetitive motion of right arm due to construction work.

Questioning exam: Severe pain and tingling down left arm. Pain was constant. Sometimes pain was sharp, sometimes dull.

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Chinese Medicine Treatment of Brain Damage


Chief Complaint: Spasticity, inability to eat, speak, control movements

Western Diagnosis: Brain Damage caused by Anoxia during surgery

Medical History: Patient “D” was twelve-year old boy undergoing hernia surgery. Anesthesiologist forgot to set blood pressure cuff and D had ten minutes when his brain had no oxygen. His muscles seized, could not breathe on his own, was fed through tube, could not walk, speak or toilet himself. D could only “blow raspberries” at his mother to show disapproval but could not blink his eyes voluntarily.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Migraine headaches

Medical History: The patient had a history of migraine headaches from the age of ten. The frequency of occurrence had steadily been increasing for several years.

Questioning exam: The pt complained of three to four migraine headaches a week. She reported that although she often got them in the morning, it was not always the case. The pt also described the pain as pounding and on the side of the head, although the migraines were not always on the same side. She stated that she had a very stressful job as a secretary, which affected her mood. She almost always suffered from migraines on Mondays. The pt ran warm and was often thirsty. In addition, she suffered from chronic low back ache.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Migraines


Chief Complaint: temporal headaches for 2 years

Western Diagnosis: chronic migraines

Medical History: Anorexia as a teen, GB and appendix removed in 1987. Job is high pressure management position. He is forced to lay-off a large group due to economics. He is social drinker and smoker. Diet still poor. Frequently he eats very little and when he does its cold cereal, salads or a bagel.

Questioning exam: He is constantly hot and sweaty. He sweat easily and spontaneously. Shoulders and occiput are sore and aching. Chronic nasal congestion, occasional tinnitus, sometimes dizzy and light-headed. frequent palpitations. No gas or bloating. frequent thirst<

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