Traditional East Asian Medicine Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Headache 40 +years, adverse 12 years

Western Diagnosis: Daily tension headache, migraine

Medical History: A 57 year-old Female, got headache when she was 12 years old.At the beginning, the headache just occurred each week, and the time was not lasted very long–3-4 hours per time and the pain was not located a specific part.After took pain-killer drug,it could be relieved.12 years ago, the headache became more and more frequent, almost headache every day, and from the morning to evening, the patient had to take medicine everyday,about 3-4 pills a day.

Questioning exam: The headache is not located to a specific part of the head,sometime is at left or right side,sometime is at back part or at the neck.Sometime the pain is severe but sometime the pain is not so hard but last very long time.Her face is pale and a little bit green/blue,

Pulse exam: thin pulse,and there are no adverse signs could be found in general physical and neurological examinations.

Tongue exam: tongue is dark red with a little bit purple. Her body is very thin.

OM Diagnosis: Liver and kidney-Yin deficiency in lower part,Wind-Yang with Blood stasis in upper part.

Treatment Principle: Activating blood,dispelling wind and fire, nourishing Liver and Kidney.

Point Prescription: Feng Chi,Bai Hui,Tai Yang,Yin Tong, Suai Gu,He Gu,Tai Chong, Tai Xi, San Yin Jiao.

Herbal Formula: Modified Tian Ma Gou Teng Tang with Liu Wei Di Huang Tang:Tian Ma 6g, Gou Teng 15g( put in late), Huang Qin 10g, Shan Zhi 6g, Chuan Xiong 30g,Dang Gui 10g, Hong Hua 6g, Yan Hu Suo 10g,Huai Niu Xi 15g, Shou Di Huang 12g,Shan Yu Rou 6g, Bai Shao 12g, Gan Cao 3g.

Lifestyle Prescription: Avoid orange juice, wine, MSG and sea foods.

These foods or supplements were reported to induce migraine or let headache worse in conventional medicine.

In Chinese medicine view, at least MSG could cause internal heat(fire), if you have a try, after take some MSG, you will feel dry in mouth and need some water.

If eat Orange more, the tongue will be red–heat sign.

And Sea food,may cause MSG like reaction, and they may cause some allergy reaction–in conventional theory, migraine may be related to allergy factors.

Wind/liqueur will cause internal fire/heat, cause Liver- yang upper.

Results: After one week treatment, patient could not use western pain pills. And after one month, the pain is not so frequent, just decreased to 1-2 times per week. So I tell patient to take Tian Ma Du Zhong capsule and Qi Ju Di Huang Wan for long-term treatment, and take herbal tea 3-4 times per week. During hafe year treatment, patient feel more happier and just 1-2 times headache per month and almost no need to take pain pills.

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