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Acupuncture Treatment of Chest Tightness and Palpitations


Chief Complaint: Chest tightness and palpitations chronic for eight years with an acute presentation for 2 weeks.

Medical History: The patient has been tested by a medical doctor for heart problems. The tests including an EKG, Stress Test, and blood values of cardiac enzymes show that the patient is within normal range. Her symptoms generally include tightness in the chest that is always present and palpitations while resting that can last as long as 20 minutes. On several occasions she experienced pain radiating down her left arm. The problem began 8 years ago after her fiance died. Prior to this incident she did not experience any of the signs and symptoms described above.

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Acupuncture Treatment for Headache


Chief Complaint: Headache, right side

Western Diagnosis: Hypertension and temporal arteritis

Medical History: Hypertension for 40 year on regular medicine.

Questioning exam: Right sided headache for 1 month, worse at night

Pulse exam: Pulse: regular

Right side headache gets worse when palpated.

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Acupuncture and Herbs for ADD


Chief Complaint: short attention span, procrastination, lack of presence

Western Diagnosis: ADD attention deficit disorder

Medical History: 15-year old boy in good overall health, strong constitution.

Questioning exam: Will begin going somewhere and then within 1 minute forget where he was going. Cannot pay attention to schoolwork for longer than 1 minute. Procrastinates with schoolwork constantly. Has good long-term memory. Has no problem memorizing or remembering information.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Chief Complaint: shooting pain/tingling

Western Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

Medical History: Patient reported suffering from environmental illness(sensitivity)for approximately 14 years. In this time she had been diagnosed as malabsorbtive and prediabetic. She also suffers from migraines. She eats all organic foods mostly greens. She juices.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Reynaud’s Phenomenon


Chief Complaint: Cold hands & feet

Western Diagnosis: Reynaud’s Phenomenon

Medical History: 56 y.o. male with h/o mild HTN, BPH. Very active, a runner, healthy diet with vigorous exercise routine. On meds for HTN & BPH.

Questioning exam: Presented with c/o cold hands and feet, worse in cold weather. Hands appeared purple at distal portion pink on dorsal palms and white on proximal palms. Hands were very cold to touch.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Ganglion Cyst


Chief Complaint: 1x1x1x inch. right wrist lump

Western Diagnosis: Ganglion cyst

Medical History: Right handed computer/mouse user

Questioning exam: Cosmetic reasons:[/b] looked prominent though painless.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Migraine Headaches

Western Diagnosis: cervical spondylosis, C4-5 disc protrusion

Medical History: Dishwasher fell on his head July 2003. He was taken to ER, x-rays taken, neck brace put on and sent back to work. He received PT and chiropractic treatments. Minimal improvements. He is a martial arts expert, and in very good physical condition. His diet varies from healthy foods to junk. He has a hx. of allergies, and diverticulitis as a child. He has Raynaud’s disease, and TMJ dysfunction. He smokes cigarettes.

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The Treatment of Sciatica Pain with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: sciatica

Medical History: The patient’s history included having his right femur crushed in a car accident 50 years before, and right knee replaced 3 1/2 years before.

Questioning exam: A seventy-nine year old man presented with sciatic pain which had begun 6 weeks before, in the early winter. The pain began in the lumbar area and traversed down the posterior aspect of the right thigh, calf, and into the 4th and 5th toes, following the Urinary Bladder channel. In addition, pain also went into the right inguinal area and down the medial aspect of the right thing, following the Liver and Kidney meridians.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and Headaches


Chief Complaint: One-sided Headaches and Peripheral Neuropathy

Western Diagnosis: Degenerative Disk Disease and Type II Diabetes

Medical History: 66 year old male w/ chief complaint of severe headaches that only come on after sitting for long periods of time (ie driving, then getting out of car). They are one-sided, always on the right, and are so severe his eyes will water and he gets dizzy. Patient has slightly high cholesterol and blood pressure. Also has high blood sugar, on average about 240. Is not over weight but has poor diet and no exercise. Does not smoke but likes to drink alcohol every night.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Sciatica


Chief Complaint: Leg numbness, sciatica

Western Diagnosis: Narrowing, of L-4,L-5 diskspace

Medical History: 59 year old male,sedentary, overweight. Gradual onset of low back pain leading to sciatica now with numbness of in L-4, L-5 dermatone. Numbness began 2 years ago.

Questioning exam: Low back pain is dull, numbness increases with movement and cold and/or damp weather. Frequent urination as well as dribbling of urine.

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