Acupuncture Treatment of Arm Pain and Tingling


Chief Complaint: arm pain and tingling

Western Diagnosis: radial tunnel syndrome

Medical History: Patient no relevant history except repetitive motion of right arm due to construction work.

Questioning exam: Severe pain and tingling down left arm. Pain was constant. Sometimes pain was sharp, sometimes dull.

Pulse exam: Pulse was slow and wiry on both sides.
Palpation exhibited tenderness and heat on the lateral end of the cubital crease.

Tongue exam: Tongue was pink, moist, with teethmarks. No coating on the tongue.

OM Diagnosis: Local qi and blood stagnation.
Underlying spleen qi deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Move qi and blood.
Tonify spleen.

Point Prescription: Spleen controls muscles and the formation of blood. The radial tunnel nerve punctures and runs deep through the supinator muscle.
Due to the changing nature of the pain, I felt sometimes qi and/or blood was stagnating.
TDP lamp was used and directed on LI11 area.
Points used: LI15, SJ14, LI11, LI10, PC6, PC7, ST36 then alternating to LU3, PC3, HT3, LI4
E-stim was used every treatment on needles surrounding LI11 in a He-gu puncture method.

Lifestyle Prescription: Reduction of golf was suggested.
Patient agreed.

Results: With 6 treatments and significant rest patient had enough relief to discontinue treatments.

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