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The Acupuncture Treatment of Bell’s Palsy


Chief Complaint: Facial Paralysis

Western Diagnosis: Bell’s Palsy

Medical History: This 46 yr old female patient came to me with a recent case of Bell’s Palsy.(2 days). Complained of chronic low back pain, headaches, and a feeling of weakness for the last 3 months. Tried to eat conscientiousness but often had little to no appetite. too tired to work out because work schedule was too intense.Complained of being cold easily.

Questioning exam: Upon further questioning we discerned that she had much stress with her job. When asked if she felt that she had “support” in her life she admitted that that was precisely her personal complaint. (Low back pain can sometimes be an indication that the patient feels that he/she is unsupported).

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The Treatment of Headaches with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: Headache

Medical History: Patient is a 56 years old male with general normal appearance, obesity: weight: 213 Lbs, height: 5’4″, red face and strong voice.

Chief Complaint: headache on and off for about 5 months, the pain is mostly “behind the eyes” and on parietal side of head, sometimes accompanied with nauseous and vertigo, usually he has from 5 to 6 attacks/week. Blood tests are unremarkable, blood pressure in the range of 140 to 145/80 to 85 mmHg. MRI and X ray shown no abnormal. He recently eating a lot of “fast food” due to lack of time for meals at work. He drinks from 2 to 5 cups of coffee/day and 1 to 2 drinks (red wine) after diner. Lack of exercise and physical activities due to very tired and heaviness sensation in body. Taking medications for pain with temporary relief but having a lot of side effects (especially stomach problems).

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The Treatment of Polyneuropathy with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: headache, finger & feet numbness, asthma

Western Diagnosis: degenerated inflammatory polyneuropathy

Medical History: hepatitis, allergy, asthma, high blood pressure,liver removal surgery, in-born one kidney, vegetable diet with dairy products, little exercise, obesity

Questioning exam: -How long you have these symptoms?
-Asthma since a little child. Hepatitis since surgery. Headache for about 10 years.

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The Treatment of Occipital Neuralgia with Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: Shooting pains in (L) occipital and parietal regions of the head, radiates to top of the head.

Western Diagnosis: Occipital neuralgia

Medical History: 73 yr old status post surgery for throat cancer. Developed tingling and pressure sensation in occipital region which developed into severe shooting pains over a period of about 8 months. Shooting pains are rated at 9/10 level and occur 3-4 times/day. Patient has had 7 nerve blocks and surgery none of which helped to reduce symptoms.

Pertinent Medical History: Throat cancer 1997 treated with chemo therapy and radiation for 13 weeks. Developed inability to swallow due to scarring from radiation which required placement of gastric tube for feeding. Surgery to reduce scarring in the throat was unsuccessful.

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Acupuncture used for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy


Chief Complaint: Pain in left lower extremity, unable to walk or bear weight on that extremity

Western Diagnosis: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Medical History: The patient had been very active in running, jogging activities. He sustained a mild injury to his left lower leg and foot. This developed into severe pain with swelling, discoloration. The pain was so severe that he sought the attentions of a renown orthopedic surgeon in the area. He was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Despite regular Western treatment, the disability continued with the patient being less able to weight bear. He needed crutches to walk, and even with the crutches had continual pain. The orthopedic specialist recommended acupuncture for pain control and sent him to our clinic. Within five treatments the pain was relieved, and the patient was walking without the crutches or any assistive devices. He restarted jogging activities without pain within about a month.

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Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Migraine Headaches


Chief Complaint: Headaches

Western Diagnosis: Migraine

Medical History:

HPI: a 44 years old F. pt. seeks acupuncture treatment for her migraine today. her condition started when she was in 4th grade and has been treated by many doctors and modalities without satisfactory improvement. The patient denied her migraine associated with menstrual cycle or optical status but stress. Additionally, the pt. mentioned she would have a headache again if she skips meals a day. The pain primarily takes place on the left temp. area in a tense/consistent fashion, and could last form a few hours to 3 days, which affect concentration and feel exhaustion. She complaint ache and tension on the neck and shoulder areas, too.

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The Treatment of Stroke with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


Chief Complaint: Stroke

Western Diagnosis: S/P stroke (Left cerebral)

Medical History: 51 year old female, CVA 9/99 due to hypertensive bleeding. Sustained right sided paralysis (about 90%), with cognitive difficulties. Underwent extensive rehab. Is currently on proper diet and medications.

Questioning exam: She cannot exercise, walked with a cane, favors right side. Could not use hand to grip (claw hand). Had almost total disuse of right arm and leg. Foot turned inward. She could not extend her fingers.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: Tinnitus

Western Diagnosis: Tinnitus

Medical History: 43year old Caucasian male patient had an oral surgery on his left side of his jaw 5 weeks ago. Since then he was hearing high pitch ringing sound in his left ear. Patient was healthy until this condition. He also complains of tenderness around the surgical area, and also suffers from insomnia and depression since. Healthy diet and exercises regularly.

Questioning exam: Do you have insomnia because of pain or sounds? Sounds (tinnitus)

Any medications? Taking anti-anxiety medication and took antibiotics for 2weeks after the surgery.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Chief Complaint: Muscular pain/ achiness

Western Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

Medical History: Patient: female, 42 years old

Since February 2000, patient had experienced muscular pain. In April 2000 she was diagnosed with Lyme’s dx and put on antibiotics. After no relief, a spinal tap and Tender Point Assessment test were performed. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the summer of 2000. Significant medical history includes saline breast implants in 1983, gall bladder was removed in 1984 and in 1993 the patient was diagnosed with severe allergies and asthma. Medication at the time of visit included Arthrotec and Maxalt.

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The Chinese Herbal Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome


Chief Complaint: restless legs

Medical History: this is a 54 y/o female with a 30 year history of smoking and moderate alcohol intake. She is a psychotherapist with an extremely stressful practice. Her restless legs manifest as primarily cramping and interfere with her sleep.

Questioning exam: she complains of fatigue, tinnitus, occasional dizziness and constipation.

Pulse exam: pulse is thin, weak and deep.

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