The Treatment of Stroke with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs


Chief Complaint: Stroke

Western Diagnosis: S/P stroke (Left cerebral)

Medical History: 51 year old female, CVA 9/99 due to hypertensive bleeding. Sustained right sided paralysis (about 90%), with cognitive difficulties. Underwent extensive rehab. Is currently on proper diet and medications.

Questioning exam: She cannot exercise, walked with a cane, favors right side. Could not use hand to grip (claw hand). Had almost total disuse of right arm and leg. Foot turned inward. She could not extend her fingers.

Pulse exam: Weak, sinking Chi Xe pulse, wiry

Tongue exam: Pale, petechiae at tip, thin white coat, scalloped

OM Diagnosis: Channel and network wind stroke, wind-phlegm static blood, impeded/obstructed vessels and networks

Treatment Principle: Transform phlegm and extinguish wind, quicken the blood and free the network vessels

Point Prescription: SI3 with Bl62: opening point of Du Mai with coupled point on Yang Heel Vessel. LI16, LI15,LI11,LI4: Drain yang-ming energy level without detriment to source Qi, etc. GB34: gathering point for sinews and invigorates Qi, blood.GB39: gathering point for marrow and, nourishes marrow, and eliminates wind, especially chronic interior wind. GB38: indirectly eliminates wind by subduing liver-yang. Scalp UE & LE motor areas. Applied 1000 Hz TO LI16-LI11;LI4-LI14,GB34-GB39 to expel wind.

Herbal Formula: Da Huo Luo Dan initially

Lifestyle Prescription: Blood pressure medications.

Results: After 3 sessions, cognitive abilities (short term memory, concentration)returned. After 12 sessions, strength and voluntary movements improved significantly. Can move her foot and walks better, without a cane. Can extend fingers better and hold things in right hand, although not for long.Acupuncture continuing.

Synopsis: 51 year old with stroke and significant disability, told by conventional doctors that she would not improve. Has made remarkable progress despite date of stroke. Continues to make progress with additional treatment once a week.

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