The Acupuncture Treatment of Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: Tinnitus

Western Diagnosis: Tinnitus

Medical History: 43year old Caucasian male patient had an oral surgery on his left side of his jaw 5 weeks ago. Since then he was hearing high pitch ringing sound in his left ear. Patient was healthy until this condition. He also complains of tenderness around the surgical area, and also suffers from insomnia and depression since. Healthy diet and exercises regularly.

Questioning exam: Do you have insomnia because of pain or sounds? Sounds (tinnitus)

Any medications? Taking anti-anxiety medication and took antibiotics for 2weeks after the surgery.

Pulse exam: Left Heart (full, rapid)

Liver (Full,wiry)

kidney (deep,weak)

Tongue exam: purple body,red tip,scanty coating, swollen

OM Diagnosis: Heart fire, liver yang rising, kidney yin deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Tonify kidney yin to harmonize the Heart

Soothe liver yang.

Point Prescription: tonify Lu8, Liv4, Liv3, Sp3, St36

sedate H8, Liv2, GB2, 3, SJ17

Herbal Formula: none

Lifestyle Prescription: suggested yoga to relax himself

Results: Sound has diminished with two consecutive days of TX.

With 7 more TXs. every other day, the ringing was completely gone.

Sleeps normally, pain on face is gone.

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