The Acupuncture Treatment of Bell’s Palsy


Chief Complaint: Facial Paralysis

Western Diagnosis: Bell’s Palsy

Medical History: This 46 yr old female patient came to me with a recent case of Bell’s Palsy.(2 days). Complained of chronic low back pain, headaches, and a feeling of weakness for the last 3 months. Tried to eat conscientiousness but often had little to no appetite. too tired to work out because work schedule was too intense.Complained of being cold easily.

Questioning exam: Upon further questioning we discerned that she had much stress with her job. When asked if she felt that she had “support” in her life she admitted that that was precisely her personal complaint. (Low back pain can sometimes be an indication that the patient feels that he/she is unsupported).

Pulse exam: Pulse was thin, weak, particularly on the rear positions. Complexion was pale.

Tongue exam: Tongue was pale with a slight white coating.

OM Diagnosis: This facial paralysis was due to external wind invasion on a basis of kidney yang and qi deficiency.

Treatment Principle: Dispel facial wind, open Du to relieve back pain, tonify Kd yang and Qi

Point Prescription: Patient was given 2 needling sessions. Lv3,Li4 to open 4 gates and dispel facial wind. Because invasion was still active no local points were given in the face. Patient was then given Si3 and Ub 62 to open Du, dispel back pain. With St 36 to tonify Qi and far infrared at mingmen Du4 to tonify Kd yang. Ear seeds applied before the patient left at: uriculotempo nervous point, nervous system subcortex, Shenmen, and occiput.

Lifestyle Prescription: We discussed taking yoga classes to ease stress and relieve lower back pain and tonify internal strength. Discussed diet and supplements.

Results: Patient called the next day ecstatic. Facial paralysis almost completely alleviated, patient had first good night’s rest in months. No back pain. Coming back in 2 days for local facial points.

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