The Treatment of Polyneuropathy with Acupuncture


Chief Complaint: headache, finger & feet numbness, asthma

Western Diagnosis: degenerated inflammatory polyneuropathy

Medical History: hepatitis, allergy, asthma, high blood pressure,liver removal surgery, in-born one kidney, vegetable diet with dairy products, little exercise, obesity

Questioning exam: -How long you have these symptoms?
-Asthma since a little child. Hepatitis since surgery. Headache for about 10 years.

-How is your sleeping?
-not good. Because my headache is right after midnight.

-How is your appetite? Any diarrhea or constipation?
-Good. Sometimes constipation.

Pulse exam: both kidney pulse very weak. Liver pulse wiry and spleen pulse slippery. Very big belly. With pre-cancer spots on the left forearm. No open sore or ulcers.

Tongue exam: Tongue is red tip, white and very greasy coating. Pale face, and walks slowly, can’t stand too long.

OM Diagnosis: Kidney Qi and blood deficiency, phlegm syndrome, liver Qi stagnation

Treatment Principle: tonify Qi and blood, setting balance between liver and spleen, remove phlegm

Point Prescription: Du20, Du14, LI4,LI11, Liv3, Ashi points, CV17, CV4, DU10, BL17, BL13, BL23, GB39, St40

Lifestyle Prescription: reduce caffeine, dairy products. Not too sweet food (boost yeast production), walking after meal, seaweed, high fiber
vegetables, low calorie food with a lot of organic greens

Results: High blood pressure get controlled after one 4 treatments, headache improves, numbness much better.

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