Chinese Medicine for Numbness and Tingling in Lower Extremities


Chief Complaint: Numbness and tingling in lower extremities

Western Diagnosis: Peripheral Neuropathy diagnosed in 1996

Medical History: Illnesses and Operations:

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Post-surgical Pain and Numbness treated by Chinese Medicine


Chief Complaint: Pain and numbness post-surgery.

Western Diagnosis: Benign brain tumor located superior to l. mastoid process.

Medical History: Patient is a 35-year old female with main complaints of: reovering from l. mastoid/benign brain tumor, right lower quadrant abdominal and l. eye surgery (wt. put in l. eye m. so upper/lower lids would be functional). Secondary complaints include emotional trauma related to family situation/ pending divorce.

Questioning exam: Questions mainly revolved around post-surgical sx/s. Including: loss of sleep, numbness l. side of face and behind l. mastoid process/ear at incision site. Left side of face muscles do not function: patient can smile and use mouth on the right side but not left side.

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The Acupuncture Treatment of Sciatica


Chief Complaint: Leg numbness, sciatica

Western Diagnosis: Narrowing, of L-4,L-5 diskspace

Medical History: 59 year old male,sedentary, overweight. Gradual onset of low back pain leading to sciatica now with numbness of in L-4, L-5 dermatone. Numbness began 2 years ago.

Questioning exam: Low back pain is dull, numbness increases with movement and cold and/or damp weather. Frequent urination as well as dribbling of urine.

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Acupuncture Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy


Chief Complaint: weakness and numbness in the legs

Western Diagnosis: Diabetic Neuropathy

History: Patient is a 61 year old male weighing 235 lbs, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes eleven years ago. Since then he has neuropathies in his lower extremities. In addition, he has pitting edema in his lower extremities, drop-foot in both ankles resulting from a pinched nerve at L4-L5 vertebrae caused by two car accidents.

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