The Acupuncture Treatment of Sciatica


Chief Complaint: Leg numbness, sciatica

Western Diagnosis: Narrowing, of L-4,L-5 diskspace

Medical History: 59 year old male,sedentary, overweight. Gradual onset of low back pain leading to sciatica now with numbness of in L-4, L-5 dermatone. Numbness began 2 years ago.

Questioning exam: Low back pain is dull, numbness increases with movement and cold and/or damp weather. Frequent urination as well as dribbling of urine.

Pulse exam: pulse is slippery except in Kidney and Pericardium positions where it is exceptionally weak and deep. Hara (abdominal) palpation reveals midline tenderness (ie Chopstick Qi) as well as pressure pain at K-16 and L-1 and 2. Gastroc tenderness in K-LI position.

Tongue exam: small red shaky tongue with a dry white coat. Dark circles under eyes. Strong but gravelly voice.

OM Diagnosis: Damp Cold Bi Syndrome (weather makes pain and numbness worse) with Kidney Qi and Yin defciency (Qi – Shaking tounge, length of disorder, urinary difficulty) (Yin – Red dry tongue and Hara palpation)

Treatment Principle: Clear channels, move Blood, tonify K-Qi and Yin.

Point Prescription: Microcurrent Stimulation of L-7(+) and K-6(-), Microcurrent stimulation of K-16 (Manaka Mu Pt)(+)to B-23 (kidney Shu pt)(-). Ling Ku, Dabai on the Left as well as Master Tong Hua Gu San and Hua Gu Si pts. Sp 6 on the right. B-17, 20, 23 with moxa, 32 Du-20, Du-4 with moxa. During treatment pt raised and lowered legs.

Lifestyle Prescription: Schwartzbein Program of diet and stress reduction. Moxa Cv-6 and K-3

Results: Using Yoshio Manaka Treatments the hara and gastroc sx went away (and stayed away) in first Tx. Numbness and pain were gone for 3 days. An additional 2 Tx rectified problem with no recurrence.

Clinic Name: Eric Snyder L.Ac., R.Ac., CMT

clinic address: 9076 Church St.
Twinsburg OH 44087

clinic phone number: 330-620-0865

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