The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Headaches


Chief Complaint: headaches

Medical History: female patient in her mid-thirties came to me five weeks ago. she had a whiplash in 98. Got rear endend by a car on the freeway with 80 km/h . Unfortunately she had her head turned and the SCM (Sternocleidomastoideus group) left went out and ruptured. Since then patient complains about headaches that are not specific at all. Can be occipital, temporal, not depending on weather . I could not find a pattern whatsoever…

CT was ok, Vertebrae did not show any damages whatsoever. No neurological absences or problems. No nausea. Patient works in computer company and sits in front of the screen frequently.

Life style is good, regular exercise etc.

Questioning exam: at which circumstances do the headaches get better or worse?

No pattern, come and go and are unpredictable

Does the headache change or occur with weather changes? No, not at all

Any medication? yes, Tylenol when really order zithromax online usa bad.

migraine ha in the family? none

sleep ok? yes

energy oK? yes, sometimes hard time to get up…feels that the batteries are down.

Pulse exam: on all positions I notice a Xu pulse without much strength. however there is a tension and leads to an uprising yang also.

Tongue exam: dark red with deep crack in the center,

teethmarks and a purple frame.

OM Diagnosis: Qi and blood stasis with a baseline of Qi and blood deficiency..

Treatment Principle: Move the qi and blood

Point Prescription: local points GB 14, 20, 21, SI 12

Gua Sha on the neck shoulder region

St 8

Herbal Formula: Tian Ma Gou Teng yin

Lifestyle Prescription: Regular exercise, as little as possible in front of the computer

Results: The first three tx without significant changes, then, after tx four big change and painless for almost two weeks. only one relapse. after treatment five painless. (three weeks ago) We will see where it goes now.

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