The Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatment of Endometriosis


Chief Complaint: Pelvic pain

Western Diagnosis: Endometriosis

Medical History: Patient has pelvic pain for the past 10 yeas. She typically reports pain in the lower abdomen, vagina and back. This pain usually begins from 2 to 3 days before menses and lasts for 4 to 5 days. She has been diagnosed endometriosis and was received laparoscopy followed with hormonal therapy. She is 39 years old, has a 6 years old daughter and had one miss carriage last year. She states that she has PMS a week before menstrual cycle. She thinks that her diet is healthy, exercise is regular.

Questioning exam: Patient complain of painful dissension, fullness in chest and abdomen; breast distention; emotional disturbance; lower abdomen reluctant to pressure; menstrual blood is dark in, purple and lumpy.

Pulse exam: Pulse: deep, bowstring. Palpation shows tenderness and remarkable sensory abnormalities over the St27, 28, 29 and Du3, 4.

Tongue exam: Tongue: dark red, dry coating with crack in center.

OM Diagnosis: Liver chi obstructed causes retardation of chi and stagnation of blood.

Treatment Principle: Regulate liver chi; eliminate congestion.

Point Prescription: Liv3, Sp3, Sp10, St36, P6, St29,Re3, Re4, Re6, and Re17

Herbal Formula: san leng 9g, e zhu 9g, ru xiang 9g, mo yao 9g, chi shao yao 9g, dan shen30g, tao ren 9g, xiang fu 9g, yan hu suo 9g, chuan xiong 9g, yi mu cao30g, pu huang 9g, ling zhi 9g, xue jie 3g

Lifestyle Prescription: Moxibustion and electrical stimulation are applied at a week before manses. No cold drink and swimming a week before and during menses. Add B complex as her regular vitamins.

Results: Result is good! 80-85% discomfort before and during the menstruation has been vanished.

Synopsis: Endometriosis as a common disease has successfully treated by acupuncture and herbs in no less than 80%of cases in my clinic. The patients are between the ages of 20 and 44. The duration of illness varied from two to over twenty years. The course of therapy is twice a week for five weeks. As symptoms improve, treatments are given a week before the expected menstruation. Only in a few cases is acupuncture given during the acute attack. I also advise my patients about diet, vitamins and stress reduction that will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. After the therapy, 80% discomfort before and during the menstruation has been vanished.

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