The Acupuncture Treatment of Blepherospasm


Chief Complaint: inability to open eyelids

Western Diagnosis: blepherospasm

Age:36, sex:female, Occupation:clerk

Medical History: The patient was suffering from the blepherospasm for more than one year. she could not open her both eye lids voluntarily. she consulted all type of medical doctors from all over the world. but there is no cure. she has taken botulinium injections around 6 times. she has tried aurveda, homeopathy, and naturopathy also. but their is no improvement.

OM Diagnosis: I did not go for traditional diagnosis for this patient since my basic qualification is modern medicine and very sure about this case and I never heard about cure for this disease.

Treatment Principle: I wish to go for acupuncture, since these kind of cases i got very good results in acupuncture. So first I first tried to reduce her spasm.

Point Prescription: First I select points surrounding the both eyelids(Ex2, UB1, SJ23, GB1). then I put Ear press needle in the eye point. Then I choose liver point 3 since liver opens to the liver. The point Li4 was also added since it is one of the important distal point special sense organs and face. the treatment was given only acupuncture for 10 days daily for about 20 minutes. after leaving a 10 days gap same treatment was given for another 10 days.

Herbal Formula: nil

Lifestyle Prescription: nothing

Results: in the first course of treatment she got response on second day itself. she can able to open her eyelids for around 2 hours. while ending of the first course of treatment she can able to open her eyes on full days but relapse was there. so after leaving a gap I decided to go for second course. on the second course for the first three days she got sometimes unable open her eyelids. after that she did not had any problem.

Synopsis: It is one of the rarest case. this is is first and last case of blepherospasm i have treated. during her treatment, i ave searched the whole web sites and medical books for any treatment available or not. but i could not find any thing. Even another interesting message her brother was professor of plastic surgery in a very big medical college. He still wondering how acupuncture cure this case. I am still follow up that patient for the last seven months, after the second course of treatment still she did not got any problem.

Courtesy of:
N. Pradeep MD(Acu), BPT, MSc(psy), DNYS, SMP
Guha clinic
2/704, nakkeran salai, mogapair east
chennai, Tamilnadu, 600 050, India

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