Acupuncture and Herbs for Eye Pain


Chief Complaint: eye pain

Questioning exam: Gain weight, hot sensation in a head, night sweat, edema, can’t stay asleep, Neck pain, upper back pain, trembling hands,headache, dry, sensitive eye,tinnitus, stomach pain, gas, scanty urine,blood in stool, PMS, painful menses, clots, irritability, mood swing

Pulse exam: Lu-superficial, sp-slippery, kid(both),heart, Liv- deep,

Tongue exam: Pale-pink tongue body, thin white coating

OM Diagnosis: Liver yin deficiency,Liver Qi stagnation, wood overacting earth.

Treatment Principle: Tonify Liver yin, strengthen spleen and stomach, release local stagnation of Qi and blood.

Point Prescription: ST36, SP6, K6, Liv2, GB41, SJ5, GB20, GB21, LI4, LI15, AShi Pt(Neck),

Herbal Formula: Qi ju di huang wan, 1:5 concentrated capsules 3caps/3times a day

Results: eye, neck, back pain reduced after needling, herbs reduced her eye problems.

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