Acupuncture Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Chief Complaint: shooting pain/tingling

Western Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

Medical History: Patient reported suffering from environmental illness(sensitivity)for approximately 14 years. In this time she had been diagnosed as malabsorbtive and prediabetic. She also suffers from migraines. She eats all organic foods mostly greens. She juices.

Questioning exam: patient reported upper-abdominal pains, sharp and fixed. She has diarrhea with undigested food. She has poor sleep, unable to fall asleep mostly. She has five palm heat sensation at night. Her migraines are vertex starting and are exposure to chemical related.

Pulse exam: her pulse was wiry, thin with deficiency in the Kid position.

Tongue exam: tongue was pale purple with a puffy tongue body as well as teeth marks. The coat was thin, especially in the ST/SP area.

OM Diagnosis: I do Japanese(hari) style acupuncture and diagnosed her as Chapter 75 of the NANjing. Which is a combination Kid/Liv deficiency with Liv XS and Spleen Def/XS.

Treatment Principle: tonify KID, Tonify/ Reduce LIV, Tonify/Reduce SP

Point Prescription: KID 7,Liv 8,Sp 6,GB 38, SI 7 Kigai(lower abdomen) point
Through these points in Hari I access the entire meridian to tonify or decrease, with non-insertive needle technique. The technique is all energetic and very little lifting/thrusting or such is involved.

Lifestyle Prescription: Primal Defense (probiotic)

Results: Over the next couple of weeks the patient had a flood of sexual abuse memories come to the fore. She reported crying for the first time since the abuse occurred. These memories added stress, which effected sleep, however her digestion got better with little or no diarrhea.

Synopsis: I believe that toxins in the environment(in this case pesticides) can tangle with emotional issues and create blood stagnation. If severe this can lead to these illnesses, which at root must be emotionally resolved.

Clinic Name: Old Town Acupuncture
clinic address: 723 Cherry St. Fort Collins, CO 80521
clinic phone number: 970-482-3700

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