Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for IBS Constipation


Chief Complaint: Bloating, Gas, Constipation

Western Diagnosis: IBS

Medical History: Patient is 50 year old male with 5 year history of digestive disorders. Three years ago he was diagnosed with IBS. Patient has bouts of diarrhea which is foul smelling.

Questioning exam: Patient, feels bloated, gassy, constipated.

Discomfort improves after a bowel movement.

[b]Pulse exam: Pulse is forceful and rolling

Tongue exam: Tongue has thick yellowish-white coating and purplish tinge.

OM Diagnosis: Damp Heat in the Large Intestine is indicated by the thick yellowish coating on the tongue and the strong quotecorner pharmacy foul smelling bowel movements and gas.

Treatment Principle: Clear heat, dry damp, and regulate intestines

Point Prescription: Li11, St36, St44, Sp4, Ren12, St25 with sedating method

Herbal Formula: shao yao tang 2 grams 3x day

Lifestyle Prescription: Reduce or eliminate dairy

Results: Good results. After 3 weeks of twice weekly treatments, patient felt “somewhat normal” according to his own words.

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clinic address: 8864 SW 129th Terrace Miami, FL 33176

clinic phone number: 786-306-8009

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