The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Tremors, IBS


Chief Complaint: Tremors, IBS

Western Diagnosis: Familial Tremors

Medical History: Typical American Diet and Lifestyle

Questioning exam: hands shake – always, worse with stress. When stressed, head also shakes.
Loose, watery diarrhea – every morning, trouble leaving the house to start the day
eyes – floaters, spots
head – dizzy spells, headaches
ears – occasional tinnitus
mouth – dry
digestive – gas, bloating, acid reflux, tired after eating, not much thirst
Low back pain

Pulse exam: Pulse – Right Slippery, left wiry at surface, slippery deep

Tongue exam: Tongue – deep red, dry cracked body thick yellow coat

OM Diagnosis: complex pattern of heat and cold
phlegm heat harassing upwards – deep red tongue, thick yellow coat, acid reflux, headaches, tremors, slippery pulse
deficient cold in spleen, ki xu – loose, watery stools,esp. in morning, low back pain
liver wind, xue xu – tremors, floaters, spots, dizzy, tinnitus

Treatment Principle: clear phlegm heat, calm liver wind, stop tremors, tonify middle

Point Prescription: LR3, LI4, LI 11, SP6, SP9, ST25, ST36, CV12, GB 20
Scalp – chorea-tremor controlled region with electro-stim.

Herbal Formula: First formula: 5:1 concentrate KPC
Bai Zhu .9
Fu Ling .9
Dang Gui .6
Chi Shao .6
Gou Teng .9
Tian Ma .9
Quan Xie .6
Wu Gong .6
Huang Qin .6
Huang Bai .3
Sheng Di .9
Mai Men Dong .6
Ban Xia .3

Second Formula:
Dao Tan Tang w/ Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Modified
Shi Jue Ming 1.8
Gou Teng 1.2
Chuan Niu Xi 1.2
Fu Ling 1.2
Ban Xia .9
Chen Pi .9
Zhi Shi .9
Tian Ma .9
Shan Zhi Zi .9
Huang Qin .9
Dan Nan Xing .6
Gan Cao .3
Wu Zhu Yu . 3

Lifestyle Prescription: none

Results: After 2 days on the first formula the tremors stopped completely, however, after a couple more days he experienced the same side effects as when he was on western meds (severe palp’s, nervousness and headache). Had him lower the dose he was taking, which helped some – following week I lowered the dose of wu gong and quan xie to .3 grams. He was doing well on that formula with the tremors, but not much change with bowels and other complaints nor much change with the tongue. Then changed to the second formula to more directly attack the phlegm-heat. When on the second formula the tremors stayed at a lower level, but were not completely gone, however the tongue changed and all other complaints improved. Treatment has been mainly herbal – in the beginning he had a handful of acupuncture treatments. It is going on his second year of treatment. He just recently came in after no treatment for over 6 months, his symptoms were creeping back, so he felt some follow up was in order. I gave him the same herbs and with one acupuncture treatment using the scalp points w/electro for the first time on him, his tremors stopped completely during treatment – he actually get feel the sensation in his hands change directly according to the amount of stimulation on the scalp points. Follow up visit 1 week later showed almost complete improvement, he is scheduled for a few more visits to help maintain. He knows that due to his condition being genetic, he will need treatment off and on for the rest of his life.

Courtesy of:
Michael O’Brien L.Ac.
Nashua Acupuncture
3E Taggart Drive
Nashua, NH 03060

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