The Acupuncture Treatment of Dizziness and Tinnitus


Chief Complaint: dizziness and tinnitus

Western Diagnosis: post-shingles tinnitus

Medical History: 76 yr old female with tinnitus and dizziness for 5 years after shingles of the mouth and ear. She has atrial fibrillation, 2 previous pulmonary embolisms. Medications: Lanoxin, Coumadin, Synthroid

Pulse exam: Heart-weak, skipped beats, kidney weak, Liver- wiry

Tongue exam: tongue body-purplish-red
tongue tip-red
coat-sligh dirty white

Thin constitution, weak, soft muscles, quiet

OM Diagnosis: Heart yang deficiency-(dizziness, poor endurance, atrial fib, weak pulse)
Kidney yang def( weakness, fatigue, dizziness)
Damp heat( ear shingles- blisters=damp heat

Treatment Principle: clear Damp Heat
tonify Kidney yang
Tonify Heart yang

Point Prescription: Ear points-Vertigo,Shen-Men, Ear Apex, Yang-Linking

Herbal Formula: none

Lifestyle Prescription: multi-vitamin recommendations for tonifying

Results: Very good. After 2 days patient reports tinnitus is 85-90% gone.

Synopsis: This patient was visiting from Maine so I did not use herbs due to an inability to monitor closely and to make a follow-up appointment. However she will start up with a provider in her area.

Courtesy of:
Linda S Jordan OMD,LAc,DiplAc,RN
5353 Topanga Bl #208
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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